Boult Y1 Review in 10 points 

Boult Y1 Gaming Earphones: Unboxing Video

Boult Y1: Key Specs 10mm drivers Bluetooth 5.4 Up to 50 hours of playtime IPX5 water-resistant 40ms ultra-low latency Dual device connectivity Type-C fast charging Cost is Rs 1,199

Boult Y1: Pros and Cons Pros Budget-friendly gaming earphones Excellent sound quality for games Stylish RGB lighting design Cons No Active Noise Cancellation Limited iPhone connectivity ENC could be better

Boult Y1: Sound Quality and Features Drivers: 10mm Audio Quality: Clear, balanced bass, mids, and highs Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): No Environmental Noise Cancellation  Gaming Features: – Low latency (40ms) for synchronized audio and visuals – BoomX Technology for enhanced explosions and gunfire Special Features: – Boult Amp app with customizable EQ presets

Boult Y1: Dedicated App Functionality – Displays battery levels for the earphones. – Enables updating the earphone firmware. – Monitors real-time latency. – UI improvement recommended. – Limited iPhone connectivity.

Boult Y1: Build Quality and Design – Robust build quality with premium feel. – IPX5 water resistant. – Type-C fast charging. – Sleek gaming design in multiple colors. – RGB lighting. – 40ms low latency. – Multiple ear tip sizes for comfort and secure fit. – Good noise isolation. – Lightweight design.

Additional Features  – Dual device connectivity. – 50 hours battery life with fast charging. – Voice assistant integration (Siri & Google Assistant). – Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) with quad mics.

Boult Y1: Battery Life – Battery Life: 50 hours total playtime. – Fast Charging: Lightning Boult Type-C provides 150 minutes of playtime in 10 minutes.

Final Verdict Overall, the Boult Y1 Gaming Earphones are a fantastic choice for gamers looking for high-quality audio, low latency, and a range of features that enhance the gaming experience. With their robust build, stylish design, and advanced functionalities, they offer excellent value for their price.