Boost Your Kill Count in PUBG Mobile/BGMI: Top Tips

PUBG Mobile/BGMI are among the best battle royale games for gamers. While PUBG Mobile is unavailable in India, BGMI is a toned-down version available for Indian users.

Choosing Your Strategy – Decide on an aggressive or passive strategy. Landing Smartly – Choose hot drops for ammo but risk early death. – Land in cooler areas for less risk and potentially less loot.

Prioritize Attachments – Focus on finding attachments over collecting many guns. Utilize the Backpack System – Organize your inventory for quick access to medkits and throwables.

Tweak the Settings – PUBG Mobile/BGMI offers customization options. – Change control layouts and sensitivity settings for better aim and movement.

Practice Makes Perfect – Head to the training arena to practice shooting, firing, handling weapons, and controlling recoil before entering the main battlefield. Get Familiar with the Maps – Understand the layouts, hot zones, and vehicle spawns of each map.

Listen to Sounds – Pay attention to the sounds of footsteps, gunfire, and throwables to locate nearby enemies. Play with a Team – Learn to play with your team. – Use pings and voice chat to coordinate strategies and share enemy locations.