Top 5 Companies Offering WhatsApp Solutions for Your Business

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Automation tools have emerged as technological advancements to reduce manual intervention, thereby helping businesses flourish. In contemporary times, WhatsApp automation tools are the preferred mediums for carrying out communication through prospective customers by AI-enabled chatbots. They help businesses reduce their operational costs, earn more revenue and also reduce customer issue resolution time. Additionally, these holistic platforms enable targeted communications and control content resulting in outcome-based exchanges.

According to a recent study, WhatsApp has around 2 billion active users worldwide. A report revealed by Nielsen showcased that 56% of consumers prefer messaging a business than calling customer service. Be it the healthcare sector, ecommerce platforms, or banking services, most of the sectors are presently using WhatsApp API. Here are top five companies that provide WhatsApp solutions for your business:

Whizard WhatsApp Solutions

WhatsApp automation tool has been developed to allow you the ease of doing business through the most famous cross-platform messaging app, WhatsApp. Whizard works in the direction to automate your Customer Service Processes & Lead Generation Strategy by linking with your CRMs, advertising software, and any other tools you use. It helps brands to save on their costs by cutting down the manual efforts by over 95%. The platform provides a customized solution to every client depending upon their preferences, requirements, and industry, whereas other competitors share an API/Dashboard which is common for most of the companies. Whizard extends its services to various businesses across sectors including retail, automotive, education, real estate, banking, hospitality, mobile operator, developer, marketer, advertising agency, or any organization that is in need of automating their WhatsApp response system.

Gupshup IP Messaging

Gupshup API helps you interact with your customers better. It is a conversational messaging platform that converts existing messaging workflows into rich conversational experiences. Both small and large businesses use Gupshup, to build conversational experiences across marketing, sales, and support. It provides a single messaging API for 30+ channels and uses AI, ML and analytics to understand and process human language inputs and give a response to the customer, thereby ensuring a smooth flow of communication.

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Yellow AI

Yellow AI helps you get your own WhatsApp Business account to deliver a multi-channel experience to customers. This WhatsApp chatbot helps you deflect up to 65% of queries and reduces operational costs by 30%. Your customers can leverage payments by WhatsApp and choose from a wide range of pre-built payment getaways. It also suggests customers with relevant similar products which increase sales. It helps generate leads with its built-in AI-powered campaign manager as well.


Haptik uses AI that puts customers first. It comprehends user intent and accordingly delivers contextual response solving problems. By using its drag and drop conversation studio, one can create intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) that are built to understand the industry and domain-specific context. Thus, addressing complex and specific customer problems, the company has an AI-powered voice assistant for ecommerce shopping.


Infobip helps you build long-lasting relationships with customers through personalized messaging solutions. It helps you have deep customer engagement with secure personalized communications across SMS, RCS, email, voice, and WhatsApp. It encrypts contact information and gives customers anonymity with number masking. It helps you build customer journeys easily with drag and drop automated workflows and by creating detailed profiles to personalize customer communication. Its programmable language easily integrates various communication channels and modules into your business workflows.

It must be noted that WhatsApp is the most acclaimed application and an excellent medium for customer service. With its extensive reach and highly engaged user base, this service has exhibited 3-5 times more effectiveness than customer interaction based mediums. Therefore, WhatsApp marketing strategy helps in offering an exceptional customer experience. One can use chat to resolve customer queries or send updates about product and delivery tracking. The platform also enables businesses to reach out to their customers through voice calls and allows the integration of chatbots for a seamless shopping experience. Being a fast communication medium, you can be accessible to your customers anytime, anywhere with WhatsApp!

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