Student Ambassador Program : Initiative by social audio platform Swell

Budding asynchronous social audio app, Swell,  announces the nationwide launch of the Student Ambassador Program on February 9, 2022. The program aims at giving voice to the Gen – Z  community by helping them drive conversations around topics that matter the most to them. The topics include student life, self-care, pop culture, social media, photography, mental health, relationships, etc. Through this program, Swell is targeting to onboard over 500 students from 300 plus colleges across India.

The asynchronous nature of the platform will allow for more voices to be heard, breaking barriers of language, geographies, and conventional social audio trends of spotlighting a few. Swell allows for authentic conversations and genuine connections, allowing students to be as true to themselves, moving away from the superficial overtones of social media in general.

Commenting on the announcement, Sudha K Varadarajan, CEO & Co-Founder, Swell said, “We believe this initiative will bring in a new wave of audio-focused creators in India. This program will help students be more articulate and confident of self-expression in their voice. The youth are the future and their thoughts will shape tomorrow’s world. We want students to feel safe in this space, where their views are respected and the connections they make are genuine, human, and healthy.”

 Creators on Swell can create and nurture their own Swellcast, which can help build their audio profile in any native language of their comfort. They can share these audio content in the form of short video snippets across social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, through their own webpage. Further, this program also can help improve communication skills for both personal and professional growth.

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