/Vivo TWS Neo Review: Pricing is a Huge Turn Off

Vivo TWS Neo Review: Pricing is a Huge Turn Off


The competition amongst the smartphone companies are not just limited to the smartphones as we have seen recently in the past few months the competition has gained a new platform where each company is trying to stand out on the top. The new sphere of competition which we are talking about is in the Wireless headsets/Earbuds and we have seen that every smartphone company is launching them and the latest addition in the competition is from Vivo which has launched Vivo TWS Neo which will be reviewed here.


vivo tws neo

The Vivo TWS Neo comes in an oval glossy pod that holds the pairing button, LED light indicator, and a Type-C charging port. The earbuds are charged by putting them in the pod as the buds possess the charging chips in them. The earbuds are light to wear and look very much similar to the old iPhone earbuds. The earbuds are comfortable to wear but it would have been more comfortable if the company has used the rubber tips at the end of the earbuds because the all-plastic body sometimes might feel uncomfortable in the ears. The new TWS Neo has an IP54 rating which means you can wear the earbuds even while working out also it can withstand minor splashes of water.


vivo neo

The Vivo TWS Neo has touch control features where you can control the volume level by sliding your fingers on the outer wall of the earbuds. You can also play and pause the tracks by double tapping and can also initiate Google Assistant. You can also accept and rejects calls. Vivo TWS Neo also allows us to customize all these controls.


The Vivo TWS Neo is equipped with Qualcomm QCC3046, which supports Bluetooth 5.2, Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring technology.  Vivo TWS NEO is the first wireless earbud to feature Bluetooth 5.2 which offers more strong connectivity. However, the chip supports the new aptX Adaptive technology from Qualcomm which can boost the transmission feature of the earbud. Vivo TWS Neo can keep the delay about 88ms when it comes to transmission, and there is practically no disconnection while playing. And if you turn on the more informative aptX Adaptive mode to play local music in 24bit/48kHz, the headphones still play smoothly. Only the Vivo X50 series is compatible with Vivo TWS Neo-compatible Vivo phones, and other Vivo phones can only launch AAC communication and do not have full-featured settings.


Vivo TWS Neo is equipped with a 14.2mm moving coil unit. Additionally, this time Vivo has incorporated stereo effects from DeepX. Aside from the unit and sound effects, the chip-supported aptX Adaptive is also the reason for enhancing headphone sound output.

Often, the earbuds sense when you wear them and attach, signaling it with a brief sound. In case you want to make calls with a single earphone you should use them one at a time. Another function for calls is the cancelation of AI noise to remove noises that will interrupt your call like the wind.

The Vivo TWS Neo headphone will play 5.5hrs in normal AAC mode, and 4.2hrs when it flips on aptX Adaptive. Vivo TWS Neo can play for up to 27 hours with the charging box and can play 2.5 hours with charging for 15 minutes.


Overall, the Vivo TWS Neo offers dynamic sound effects but, we noticed that the voice cancellation feature is not on point as there were some noise effects noticed when we used the earbuds outside. The fit and the sound quality do not please me either. Also, there are various wireless earbuds available at a lower price like Realme earbuds, Oppo Enco W11 which will make the competition a little tough for Vivo TWS Neo.

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