/TikTok Review: Full-on entertaining

TikTok Review: Full-on entertaining


Almost everyone on this planet is interested in social networking sites and social networking sites are not just limited to Facebook or Watsapp there are a lot of new entries and some of them are a lot more than just a social network like TikTok formally known as Musical.ly. It is a popular app where you can brush up your acting and dubbing skills with a gulp of fun. It is quite famous and has topped every list; it is one of the most downloaded apps in the market now globally. Seeing the immense popularity we also tried our hand with the app.


TikTok is often referred to as a “lip-syncing” app, where you can find thousands of videos of different categories. A lot of effects, filters, and other elements in the platform are available to create your own contents and share it on the platform to earn fame. You can record videos with popular music and dialogues being played in the background for extra fun.

App Interface:  

tiktok app

TikTok is a very user-centric with its design and very easy to use, once you open the app you can see all the videos on the Home page, and you obviously have the option to browse and discover more. You can also follow your favorite TikTokers and stars, comment share and like their videos. The swipe gesture is very easy to move to the next or previous video. Because everything is situated in a simple manner the navigation to the profiles and videos is very easy.

You can get a more personalized experience in the app by signing up using Gmail or Facebook. There’s a dedicated search option through which you can easily search for creators, stars, and hashtags. A lot of choices are available for dubbing. From the most popular dialogues to trending music of different languages, there is hardly anything that isn’t covered in the app. The app has a very big filter library. And the making and editing process is quite easy.

And there are a lot of options to keep the privacy of a user intact. There are options to block users, limit getting messages from followers only, stop people from doing a duet and everything else. This actually gives a lot of power to control privacy in the hands of the user.

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What Parents Need To Know:

After some issues regarding the violation of sexual and nudity content, the app came up with a separate section for users under 13. That experience only lets users view curated videos: They can’t comment, search, or post their own videos, and their data isn’t collected. Because access to that area of the app only requires the user to enter a birthdate, the app is still recommended for older teens.

There’s also a feature which allows the parents to set two-hour screen time limits with the app (locked with a password), and a new Restricted Mode (also password-protected) can help filter out inappropriate content.


In the end, the TikTok app is purely for entertainment and if you are looking for chilling out after a hectic day this will help. Very easy to use and engaging, but sometimes it can ask for a lot of time investment and that can get a little tiring. But overall it is a free app and great for entertainment.

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