/Riversong Wave O2 Review: A Good Value for Money

Riversong Wave O2 Review: A Good Value for Money

Riversong Wave O2

Fitness has a lot to do with your wellbeing. Besides hitting a gym and taking care of your diet, you also need a tracker to be in a good shape. Wave O2, a smart band launched by Riversong last year, is one such product that keeps track of your health and activity by giving you notifications from time to time in order to be fit. Priced at Rs 1,999, the Wave O2 houses all the features that one would expect from a smart fitness band. Let’s find out how it works and how worthy it is.


Although it’s something not extraordinary, the Riversong Wave O2 is slim and sleek in design, and looks good when you wear it irrespective of the outfit you have donned. The Wave O2 is comfortable enough to wear it for a long time. It fits truly well on your wrist. There is a heart rate sensor on the inside of the smart band. For charging, you need to plug out the strap to expose the USB charging stick. Although it causes a bit of irritation in the beginning, you get used to it in some time. This band can withstand a rain and normal splashes, thanks to its IP67 water proof rating. There is a touch button below the screen that allows you to scroll through the features.

Riversong Band


To set up the band, you need the RS Band app on your smartphone. First create an account to start using the features. The Wave O2 is a bit light on extended functionality. It manages to correctly track the user’s activity and sleep. The heart rate sensor works well and so does the BP monitor. There was not much variation in the readings on different parameters. The worst part is that instead of offering specific fitness mode, the app only provides you the distance and step data. However, one can easily differentiate between the walking and running data. Sleep tracking was quite accurate. As far as the battery life is concerned, this band didn’t really stand out from others in the given price segment. The device lacks some optimization in the battery department. Although it kept running for a week, the Wave O2 didn’t exhibit any smartwatch proficiency.


Considering its price, the Riversong Wave O2 is a good value for money, although it’s not a great fitness tracker. Anyway, the band offers a fairly good design and comfortable fit. It can be a good option to don while doing physical exercises and running. For the beginners or the first time buyers, it’s not a bad idea to try and have a feel of a smart band.

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