Review of Sony SRS-XB21 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Sony SRS-XB21

Lit the Party and the Pool at just Rs 8,990

Sony has been on a continuous spree to strengthen its audio portfolio in India with wide range of audio product launches; be it the wireless headsets, earbuds or party speakers. The company has recently unveiled its portable wireless Bluetooth party speakers at an affordable price to remain a key dominant player in that segment. The present day audiences prefer wireless Bluetooth speakers, free from the tangling of wires, and the latest launch from Sony, which is Sony SRS-XB21 fits into this genre. In this review we will be shedding light what this speaker has to offer to users. The speaker is available in various variant colours and we got the White variant which looks solid in its composition.

Sony SRS-XB21 speaker


The new Sony SRS-XB21 wireless Bluetooth speaker is a compact sizes speaker neither too big nor too small. The speaker is designed in an elongated tube manner and it is designed in such manner to compose two 42mm drivers in the speaker to give boost of sound. The speaker has two micro stands to help the speaker to be able to hold its ground and also to be able to make the users see the LED which is used to light your mood and give you the party experience. The speaker has the lighting LEDs covering its front side and the lights sync itself with the beat of your track.

At the top of the speaker lies the various physical buttons like the power button, volume adjusting keys, the Bluetooth connectivity button with the LED indicator plus the button to receive the phone call and all these buttons lies in a single aligned manner towards the right side of the speaker. At the top left of the device lies the NFC button. At the centre of the front lies the logo of the company. At the back side of the speaker there lies a hatch and under the hatch one can find DC charge port, audio in port, button to switch off and on the single lined LEDS, WPC button and the add button to allow the speaker to add other speakers. Inside the box lies the USB cable to help the speaker to charge up but the box does not include any adapter to charge up the speaker so you have to connect the USB cable with your phone charger’s adapter. The body of the speaker is covered by the fabric material which is there to provide the speaker resistivity against any harm like splash of water or by sudden fall. The material used to make the body immune to any harm makes it a very good companion of yours to be carried around anywhere without the fear of speaker getting damaged.


Sony SRS-XB21

Sony has made the new SRS-XB21 waterproof and dustproof. The water resistance capability of the speaker allows you to use the speaker even in pool parties or even when you are going for outing and it’s raining. The speaker seems to remain unaffected from any water splash. You can even wash the speaker if it gets dust and mud on it. The material used to make the body of the speaker does not allow dust particles to attach to the surface of the speaker and there is no chance of dust particles by any chance seeping inside the speaker interiors. In a budget range the new SRS-XB21 seems to accompany you everywhere with an amazing sound quality. The body composition does not consist of any metal material so there is no chance that the speaker will get any rust.


sony SRS-XB21 Functionalities

The new SRS-XB21 has various surprises under it sleeves and one of the interesting features of the speaker that it has Party Booster mode. The Party Booster mode outputs sound effects and shines lights when you tap the system along with the music. The Party Booster function can be turned off and on by pressing the negative and positive volume keys at the same time for more than 3 seconds.

The new SRS-XB21 delivers great sound quality undoubtedly and to enhance the sound quality further the new speaker has added Live Sound Mode. The Live Sound Mode creates three dimensional sound quality giving you the feel of home theatres and an amazing sound like experienced never before in such a low price range. The Live Sound mode spreads the sound both vertically and horizontally giving deep bass to the sound produced.

The other speciality of the new SRS-XB21 is that it can be connected with 100 speakers at the same time using Sony’s digital signal processor. The wireless party chain feature of the speaker makes you turn your whole party room/hall to turn into a music zone with immersive Extra Bass sound experience.


The new SRS-XB21 has 12 hour battery backup. You can enjoy non-stop music in great sound quality and while testing the speaker it was seen that if the front LED lining is kept on the battery lasts for at least 10 hours and when the LED lights are switched off then the battery lasts for 12 hours and on some occasion it goes past beyond the time limit attributed with it.


Overall, the new Sony SRS-XB21 is fits to all multi-purpose portable speaker, which is not only wireless but, also comes with Bluetooth support as well, unlike Google Home and Amazon Echo and that too in a budget of just Rs 8,990. It delivers great sound quality and has various modes to match your mood along with blinking LED lighting to set up the party fervour. The SRS-XB21 comes with Extra Bass support and even 100 such speakers can be connected at a time to create the perfect party scene. The portability makes it easy to carry wherever you go and the best part is; it’s water-resistant. Use it, throw it in water, and wash it as it’s rustproof as well. What else, you don’t need to plug it in for use, the battery can last upto ten hours of non-stop play.

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