/Realme Watch Review: Needed more to be ‘Smart’

Realme Watch Review: Needed more to be ‘Smart’


The success of realme smartphones has helped the company to expand its horizon in other segments as well in the Indian market like recently we saw with the launch of realme TV, and now the company has launched a new gadget in the market which is a smartwatch. We have seen various smartwatches from companies like Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, etc. It will be interesting to see how this new smartwatch will make its way through the well-established smartwatch brands. We will be providing you with all the details of the new realme watch in this review.

Setting up the Watch

To use the device one needs to first register for a Realme account and of one already posses it then they have to just sign in the Realme Link App. First, click on the right-side button to power up the watch, and then open the Realme Link app on your smartphone. Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth, and select Realme Watch from the app’s list. Realme Connect and Realme Watch would then pair. The app then configures all the data received when synced with the watch. One can also control settings including control of music playback, remote camera, location, weather, goals, faces watch, notifications, and monitoring of heart rate.



The new realme watch holds the square-shaped design with a brilliant frame around the display which carries the essence of the bezels of the realme phones and at the same time, the design of the watch somehow looks like the Apple smartwatches. The company offers the Silicone strap with multiple color options that you can use according to your preferences. Speaking of other design aspects, we get a single physical button on the right side of the watch. This button executes a variety of functions including locking, unlocking, going back one move, and more. At the back of the watch houses the heart rate monitoring sensor, as well as pop-pins for charging. The watch is backed by IP68 which means it is to some extent resistive to water so one can easily wash their hands without the worry of the water troubling the mechanism of the watch.


Realme has added a 1.4-inch LCD screen with resolution and touch data of 320×320 pixels. The wearable manufacturer boasts an impressive online design with slim bezels. The space available on the screen allows you to easily monitor the applications embedded in the watch.  The display has an impressive option which allows you to adjust the screen brightness which becomes very helpful when you are wearing the watch in bright light. The size of the screen though could have been a little bit more to offer a more comfortable and satisfactory experience.

The watch comes with 12 watch faces that are built-in and the users can choose any of them based on their preference. The company claims that with updates more watch faces will be added.

Software and features 

The company has loaded the watch with several features like real-time tracking of heart. Talking about the functionality of the surface point, we get a real-time heart rate sensor along with “smart operation” monitoring. The company also added a blood-oxygen or SpO2 tracker to monitor blood oxygen levels. Other features include 14 different sport modes, smart notifications, music playback, and camera controls. These modes of sports include outdoor and indoor runs, outdoor and indoor cycling, aerobics, table tennis, and yoga. Other modes include walking, playing cricket, badminton, basketball, and football along with strength training, as well as elliptical training.


The watch also allows you to receive notifications of the various apps of when linked to your phone. There is, however, no support for taking action to dismiss or reply to WhatsApp, Gmail, Instagram, or more notifications. Users can only check-in for an incoming call or SMS notification. The settings of the watch also allow you to customize which application notifications you will be receiving on the watch.


The new Realme watch features 160mAh battery power and as the company claims the watch to a week we found that the watch not completely lasts seven days because we had to put the watch on the charge on the 6th day or at the end of the 5th day.  To charge the watch the company has provided a pogo pin charger which takes an hour to charge up the watch completely.


Realme watch needs some time to be called as ‘Smart’ watch. There are basic functionalities of tracking your daily activities but, other than that a Rs 3,999 watch does not allow you to reply to notifications and calls. The design and durability part is good, the 1.4-inch screen is sufficient to view messages and for tracking. Connectivity does break up quite often between the phone and the watch. The battery standby time is good and can last for 4 days at least. The identical Apple Watch substitute provides an option for the budget buyers to flaunt some style at least.

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