/RAEGR AirDrums 400 Review: Defies its Size with Impressive Performance

RAEGR AirDrums 400 Review: Defies its Size with Impressive Performance

RAEGR AirDrums 400

Homegrown lifestyle tech brand RAEGR recently launched AirDrums 400 TWS mini Bluetooth speaker in India. 3W distortion-free audio, with HD sound, deep bass, 10 hours of battery life, in-built microphone and an ultra-portable form factor are some of the key features that this all-new speaker boasts of. The RAEGR AirDrums 400 comes in single as well as twin speaker packs and is available in two colour variants – Black and White (I got hands-on experience with the latter). While a single speaker unit costs Rs 799, the twin speaker kit is priced at Rs 1,499. Does this speaker have the elements to punch above its weight? Let’s find out.


RAEGR AirDrums 400

The speaker is extremely light and compact, weighing 56.5g and having dimensions of 48mm x 48mm x 30mm. It follows the company’s minimalist design which makes the speaker looks decent. Built to last, the speaker is made of high quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material and parametric mesh. It stands firm on any surface, thanks to the thick rubber underneath that houses the button panel.

The RAEGR AirDrums 400 houses a microphone and an LED indicator at the sides. You get two buttons at the back – one is a power button, whereas the other is meant to answer calls. Just below the power button is a lanyard slot, and a USB port on a different side. The speaker can easily slip inside any pocket causing no discomfort.



The wireless speaker is compatible with multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The review unit that I received consists of two speakers and can be utilized separately with various devices, or paired together to make a stereo sound system. It’s very easy to join both the speakers together. The power and microphone buttons located on the backside have multifunction controls. For play/pause track, click the power button once; and long press this button (1-2 seconds) for switching on/off. The mic button can be used for attending and disconnecting the call. To redial the last phone number, you may click the mic button twice. Both the multifunction buttons are simple, straightforward and pretty sufficient.



The RAEGR AirDrums 400 punches above its weight given that it’s a 3W pocket-sized speaker. The audio quality is rich, can go extremely loud and has a lot of depth to it. There’s no distortion at full volume. The lows as well as mids are quite decent as the voice clarity is outstanding. Even highs are fairly crisp and not harsh. The bass is sufficient and impressive, especially considering its extremely compact size. The speaker will not disappoint you, if you are an avid music listener.

Given that these are TWS speakers, you can place them apart and still enjoy the stereo effect. If you want to use only one speaker out of these, you can do that too by turning off any one.

Battery and Connectivity


The speaker is powered by a 520mAh battery that charges fully in 1.5 hours and will last you approximately 7-8 hours on a single charge. Based on Bluetooth v5.0, the RAEGR AirDrums 400 pairs with the other speaker and with other Bluetooth-enabled devices with very little power utilization and low latency to the extent of 10 meters from the source.


Defying its tiny size, the RAEGR AirDrums 400 has a lot to offer. From providing better HD sound to great battery life, the speaker justifies its price. It’s pretty simple to use and you can very easily pair two speakers via a single device. The included lanyard is an added advantage, which enables you to hang the speaker on a backpack or bicycle easily. Better you go for a combo of two speakers than a single one to enjoy the music wherever you go!

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