/Philips BASS+ SHB3075 Review: Decent Device, Priced Accordingly

Philips BASS+ SHB3075 Review: Decent Device, Priced Accordingly

Philips BASS plus

With more and more handset makers eliminating traditional wires from their devices, the demand for Bluetooth handsets is set to grow faster. The audio device segment is booming in India, and there are several options for consumers, from wireless to wire and premium to pocket-friendly. While some consumers prefer style others look for extra bass to ears.

Maybe this is why most of the consumers now a days seem confused about which device to go for, with so many offerings from multiple companies. But if you are looking for a bass treat for your ears with multiple functioning’s on your tips, here is Philips offering for you the Philips BASS+ SHB3075 wireless headphone.But are they perfect for you, let’s find out!

Design and Body

The Philips over-the-wear headphone covers your ears perfectly; the headphone cups are soft and very easy to wear for a long time. But the outer material of the headphone is plastic, that doesn’t seem to be there for a long run.

Philips BASS plus

The headphone cups connected to the headband via hinge, which allow the ear-cups to rotate right and left up to a 90-degree angle, making it easier to carry anywhere.

The plastic headband makes the headphone resistant to sweat and light on the head. Overall, the headphone is quite comfortable. The only concern with the quality is the size of the speaker drivers, which is just 32mm, and after a long usage it can cause pain.

They also don’t fully cover the ear so it hurts the upper ear after a continuous use, also the quality of the headband could be made better by adding pads, to make it more comfortable.

Sound Quality

The Philips wireless headphone offers a good sound quality with nice bass and well balanced treble. And a good point is that the sound does not distort on high volume.

But the only draw-back with the headphones is that it doesn’t support Noise Cancellation, and while calling you really have to scream sometimes, still the person on the other end of the call gets noisy sounds.

No noise cancellation with this price and brand is a disappointment, as the whole world around you gets to know what songs you are listening to.

Also it is very uncomfortable to wear for your gym sessions, as it will keep on slipping from ears and the cushions can surely get damage by sweat easily.


The Philips headphone is very easy to use and it offers all the functions on user’s tips. There’s separate buttons to on and off and Bluetooth connectivity on the right earmuff.

Press holds the power button for 2 seconds to switch it on and 6 seconds to switch off. Since there is a separate button for Bluetooth, press hold of that for 2 seconds will automatically get ready to pair with devices.

Philips BASS plus

To play and pause the music there is a center button along with two volume buttons, but the same buttons are used to change the tracks, and for that you are supposed to press twice and for volume just press once. The controls are very easy to use and you don’t have to reach out to your phone every time you want to change the track.

All these features also used to answer calls and activate your Google Assistant;it’s very easy and convenient.


The only thing that it clearly wins is its battery backup, the company claims that the Philips BASS+ wireless headphones offers 12 hours of battery backup, and that’s true.

After a continuous usage of 3 to 4 hours the headphones were still alive, but it surely becomes a little painful to wear after an hour. But the battery is indeed powerful and gives you a long run for sure without interruption.

The headphones also take almost 3 hours to fully charge, which can be a problem in the world of fast chargers.


The Philips BASS+ wireless headphone can be found online with the price of Rs 1,899, which is a fair price for wireless devices. But don’t expect way too much from the Philips headphones with this price.

The sound is clean and distortion free but the lack of noise cancelation is a disappointment. And the quality of the headphones also suffers with the uncomfortable fitting. But the battery gives you a long run and it weighs much lighter, which makes it easy to carry.

Overall, the headphone is a fair buy with fair performance but there are certainly some points the company could have worked upon to make it much better. But it still is fair good with this amount of money.

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