/Nokia 5310 Review: Emotional but, fails to ‘Xpress’

Nokia 5310 Review: Emotional but, fails to ‘Xpress’


HMD Global, known as home to Nokia phones, is re-inventing the ‘nostalgia’ of feature phone and has launched a modified version of earlier existing Nokia 5310 which bears the same name but not the same features. So, in this review, we will guide you through all the pros and cons of the new Nokia 5310.


The design of the phone resembles its predecessor very much and the handset sports an almost matte-finished plastic frame. The backside of the phone looks very simple with a camera and a LED flash. At the front lies the keyboard and the screen which is a very common aspect of all the feature phones. The device’s top-right edge holds the dedicated music-control buttons like play/pause, go back, and move forward. The left of the device features dedicated volume-control buttons. The volume keys function uniformly all over the device meaning people can use these keys to monitor the mobile ringer volume or warnings above the volume of the music. At the top side of the phone lies a micro USB charging point and a 3,5mm headphone jack whereas the bottom side of the phone is blank. The change in design from the previous 5310 is that the company has removed the light strips on the side of the phone which were quite fancy.

The plus point of the new Nokia 5310 is that it now possesses two additional speakers which are quite loud and if you like listening to music loud then the two speakers quite successfully fulfill that wish.


The new Nokia 5310 features TFT display type which has a size of 2.4 inches with a screen resolution of 240×320 pixels and screen ratio of 4:3.


The performance of the Nokia 5310 is handled by the MediaTek MT6260A which keeps checking on the process of the phone.  The RAM size of the phone is 8MB along with 16MB ROM, there is a slot for microSD card meaning you have to place for a 32GB card if you want to store any music or photos.

One of the highlighting features of the new Nokia 5310 is its FM Radio which is capable of running without a headset unlike the other phones giving a sight upper hand in the competition. But for better frequency catching I will suggest connecting the headset.


In the camera section, the phone fails to impress not meaning that we expect a camera sensor like smartphones but the presence of VGA camera sensors puts the phone in a disadvantageous position. A 2MP camera could have served the purpose and could have put the phone in a better position when compared to other feature phones which fall under a similar price range. The pictures captured could be termed decent.


Nokia 5310 has a removable battery of 1,200mAh which the company claims that it could last for 20-25 days with a single full charge. When tested the battery lasted more than a week quite easily which is another plus point of the new Nokia 5310. The charging speed of the phone is also decent which charges up the phone with a good speed rate.


Overall, in terms of competition, the new Nokia 5310 falls behind when compared to JioPhone which is comparatively cheaper plus it supports LTE and possesses a 2MP rear camera. The plus point of Nokia 5310 is its sound quality and the wireless FM radio feature otherwise JioPhone is quite ahead when we see from the competition perspective amongst the feature phones available in the Indian feature phone market. The battery is as good as anything which is normal for a feature phone. There are some pre-installed games that are a good addition for a beginner.

HDM Global should have added some more flavors to make it an impressive purchase such as a selfie lens. A VGA camera is beyond imagination even if it is a feature phone which is priced at Rs 3,399. Nostalgia has to be priced sensibly or else it will remain nostalgic in feelings only and not in sales. Nokia 5310 fails to ‘Xpress’ certainly because of the price which is not practical at all.

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