/Motorola One Vision Review: Holds Vision in Display, OS and Camera

Motorola One Vision Review: Holds Vision in Display, OS and Camera

Motorola One Vision

Change in time demands adaptation with it and who better than Motorola knows what it means to adapt to changing market scenarios with time as it has survived almost a century. With the latest launch of Motorola One Vision a new look of Motorola phone has been unveiled.  The old flat and kind of heavy look has been discarded which shows company’s well analysis of the latest style attracting the customers. The new Motorola One Vision under mid-range section is going to make the competition very tough for other companies. So let’s see in this review what all the new Motorola One Vision has.


Motorola One Vision

The new Motorola One Vision at first glance doesn’t look like the typical Motorola phone which we were accustomed to see. The company has chosen to give a new look to the latest phone sporting a tall straight and slim look making the device very easy to hold and operate despite the broad size of the phone.  The look of the phone is very attractive with the body composed of glass which resembles to the Huawei Nova smartphones. The front side of the phone is dominated by the tall screen and also on display at the left side lies the punch hole camera. On the bottom of the device lies the microphone, the USB- C port and the main speaker. At the top of the phone lies the 3.5mm headphone jack and secondary noise cancellation microphone. At the right side of the phone lies the power button and the volume rockers whereas at the left side lies the hybrid SIM tray. The rear side looks very attractive with its glossy finish. At the back side lies the dual camera sensor within one frame followed by the LED flash and to the upper side of the rear panel in the centre lies the fingerprint sensor which is placed very accurately and is very fast in processing.


Motorola One Vision

Cinema Vision display under budget range? Yes, you heard it true this awesome experience is being brought to you by Motorola in its latest launch which is Motorola One Vision and this is made possible by  the 21:9 aspect ratio of the phone which is ideal for watching any high definition film and video. The display of the new Motorola One Vision is truly amazing as it offers full view HD display. The full view display is bezel less but you can see some line running across the display which kind of looks pretty. The phone offers best viewing experience and the colours reproduced are very vivid, bright and punchy.  The screen ratio perfectly fits the 6.3 inch screen which is LTPS IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with 16M colours. The display has screen resolution of 1080×2520 pixels and has 432 ppi density. The display is also splash resistant which makes the Motorola One Vision a very handy phone to use without any worry of little splash which you face when it’s raining and any other such instances where there is a risk of water splash. One thing you need to keep in mind when using the phone is that not all games runs in 21:9 aspect ratio and this will cause the games to run according to their requirements  which might cause the handling of those games on the screen be little difficult as the keys might get near to the punch hole camera.

Full Specifications


The new Motorola One Vision is one of the exception phone which does not uses the Qualcomm quad core processor rather to power its functions the new Motorola One Vision has chosen Exynos 9609 chipset which we find only in Samsung phones. The processor has eight cores where four cores are clocked at 2.2 GHz and other four are clocked at 1.6 GHz. When put to test, the processor is very much capable of handling tasks given to it; be it surfing, multi-tasking and playing big-sized games. The processor does not allow the phone to get heated and even when slightly heat was observed the processor sorted it very quickly. The Exynos 9609 is not making its first appearance in Motorola One Vision as it has been used in Samsung A80 before. Gaming experience was very good as the graphic level was maintained very well without much change. The processor did not show any lag while performing any task which makes it very attractive for those who do not want to get stuck while performing any important task  hence, making the new Motorola One Vision as one of the tough competitor to other phones who falls under the mid-range section. The processor is supported by 4GB RAM which efficiently assist the processor to carry out the tasks easily. The internal storage of the phone is very impressive as it under such price range offers 128GB of internal storage. The internal storage of the phone can be expanded further with the help of microSD card by sacrificing one of the SIM card slot in the SIM tray.

The Motorola One Vision is running on stock android and it is a part of the Android One programme. The device is currently running on Android 9 Pie with the June security patch.


Motorola One Vision

Motorola One Vision has very good camera power to attract the people who likes good detailed images be it clicked with rear sensors or with the selfie camera. The punch hole selfie camera of the new Motorola One Vision is looking very attractive and at the same time shows the company’s will to do something new to attract the customers. The punch hole selfie camera is of 25 megapixel and it has exactly got what it requires to attract the selfie lovers as the selfie camera captures images with good details in crisp quality. Not just the daylight selfies but the new Motorola One Vision captures brilliant selfies even in low light which surely will make selfie lovers to go for the new Motorola One Vision. The selfie camera of the new Motorola One Vision is one of the best cameras which one can get under such price range.  The rear camera has dual sensors where the primary sensor is of 48MP with an aperture of f/1.7 but the camera is set to 12MP by default. To make up to the 48MP the camera combines four 12MP adjacent pixels. On the other hand the secondary sensor is depth sensor of 5MP with an aperture of f/2.2. The rear camera of Motorola One Vision is truly superb as it captures crystal clear images while maintaining the proper colour gradient and the saturation of the images were perfectly balanced thanks to the HDR mode of the phone. The daylight shots were undoubtedly brilliant but what surprised most is the ability of the phone to capture equivalently superb images at night. Turning on the night mode allows to capture clear images even when it is dark and what you even can’t see from your naked eyes. There are various modes available to opt for which allows you capture images according to your preferred setting. Overall, the camera power of the Motorola One Vision is one of the main attractive aspects of the phone which holds the capability to lure the users with great image capturing ability.


The new Motorola One Vision has 3,500mAh battery power to run various processes throughout the day with one single charge. When tested the battery easily lasted throughout the day with hours of game playing and using other applications like surfing, chatting, watching movies etc. Intensive use of the phone like playing heavy games does drain battery quickly but it maintains to have some power left at the end of the day.  The phone has Turbo charger to charge the device rapidly and while charging also the device doesn’t heat up.


Motorola One Vision shines on a big, unique cinematic display having tall, sleek yet comfortable feel and camera department where it shows its might also in low light photography. The processor is quite capable to hold the fort in MediaTek and Qualcomm Snapdragon dominated market, battery is just sufficient but could have been much more powerful to take on Xiaomi upcoming launch, vivo and Oppo. The pure Stock Android operating system adds smoothness to it and security updates by Google can’t be ignored if you are willing to spend Rs 19,999 on Motorola One Vision. The RAM/ROM combination is not justifying the market and what the competitors have to offer.

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