MIVI Collar Earphones: A Fine Choice for Upgrade

In a mobile world full of audio accessories, Hyderabad-based mobile accessory maker MIVI recently unveiled the MIVI Collar Bluetooth earphones. I got the Bluetooth enabled wireless pair for a reviewing, and this is what I think of it.


Starting with the design of the pair, painted in black, the right end of the collar has volume up and volume down buttons while the left end houses the power on/off button along with the micro-USB port. Streaming out of the collar are the two earphone cables which has the two ear buds at the end, and that is where the whole action takes place.

Additionally, the collar with the grooves is home to the ear buds which can be conveniently placed when you don’t need to listen to music anymore.

The Collar Bluetooth earphones has a convenient built, is portable and light in weight. The collar fits well on the neck, thus ensuring easy and comfortable music streaming (we all know how ear buds can often come off your ears!).

MIVI Collar Earphones


Technically speaking, the earphones have a frequency range rated at 20Hz~20KHz, and is powered by a 150mAh battery. As the name suggests the devices support Bluetooth- version 4.1 and has a Bluetooth range of 30 feet. With a weight of just 30 grams, the earphones measure 20 x 17 x 2.5 cm. Additionally, the impedance stands at 16 ohms.


The earphones, during my usage have been great companions when boredom barged in. With the ease of wearing around the neck and connecting to a smartphone, the music streaming of mostly all sorts of genres was good. The good thing; there wasn’t any heat produced and the earphones weren’t prone to sound leakage (from low volume to maximum volume). If I compare the Bluetooth enabled pair with the regular Apple earphones, the former did win the competition. The bass and treble were balanced. Overall, the sound quality, the audio produced have been above average.

However, claimed to connect two devices simultaneously, the Collar Bluetooth Earphones just could not do it.


For a price tag of Rs 4,999 (now available for Rs 2,999), the MIVI Collar Bluetooth earphones seemed slightly overpriced. However, with the decent audio output provided and the current price tag, if you are willing to upgrade your audio accessory you can go for one, available at the company’s website.

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