/Mi Soundbar Review: Your Affordable TV Companion

Mi Soundbar Review: Your Affordable TV Companion

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After taking India by storm with its affordable range of feature-loaded phones followed by smart televisions having never seen- before prices, Xiaomi recently came up with a very interesting product, the Mi Soundbar. It is supposed to be a companion product for not only Xiaomi Mi TVs but other televisions as well. Priced at Rs 4,999, the Mi Soundbar happens to be a fairly slick gadget having enough features in it to catch your fancy if you are looking to buy a companion speaker for a television.


Mi Soundbar design

Looking quite pleasing to the eye in an all-white body, the Mi Soundbar sports a grey fabric mesh at the front and rounded edges. It is a couple of inches short of 3 feet in length and weighs nearly 2kgs. It is quite easy to carry around from one room to another or to any other place. It can be comfortably placed on a desk with its rubber feet holding it firmly in place and preventing it from skidding. As it goes with other soundbars in the market, this new product can also be wall mounted for which Xiaomi has bundled the necessary screws in the package.

On the back of the soundbar are input ports and has enough space left to connect the cables in case you prefer to wall mount it. There’s also a power switch at the back. Buttons for each of the input sources along with equal number of tiny white LEDs are placed at the top of the speaker. Volume up and down push buttons can be found on either side of the source buttons. Except for the connectivity options, Xiaomi has chosen to go minimalistic with this device.


The Mi Soundbar is a mixed bag, if we look at its performance. The vocals sound clear at low and mid frequencies but clarity suffers at upper mids and highs. It comes with eight drivers in total, including a pair of 2.5- inch woofer drivers, a pair of 20mm tweeters and 4 passive radiators that take care of the bass. Despite having multiple drivers, the sound output is not that good. However, it’s a value for money product. You cannot compare it with a soundbar worth Rs 25,000 or so.

The Mi Soundbar works great when you watch a movie, delivering a decent cinematic experience. But, definitely not good when you are playing music, as the clarity suffers at higher volumes, although it’s a bit good at the low volume.

Mi Soundbar


The Mi Soundbar is easy to connect to a TV as well as to your phone via Bluetooth, unlike some other soundbars which can have a bit complex setup process. The company gives two options as far as placement of this soundbar is concerned: you can either wall mount it or place it on a table. The Mi Soundbar comes with S/PDIF, Optical, Aux-In and Line-in ports. You can use any of the port that does the job for you. To connect with a phone, you can use Bluetooth as the Mi Soundbar supports Bluetooth 4.2 with A2DP music playback. Although a couple of options, such as HDMI and USB are missing here, they are not the kind of a must have features and are usually found only in more expensive soundbars. The HDMI, if you have a TV that supports audio through HDMI port, allows a somewhat cleaner setup and the USB port can be used to connect a pen drive or hard disk.


Although it is not the best or the perfect soundbar that you can buy, the Xiaomi Mi Soundbar is definitely the best you can buy under Rs 5,000 or even Rs 10,000. As it’s the case with many Xiaomi products across verticals, the Mi Soundbar is an incredible value for money product, when paired with television to augment the sound and experience. It works great as a standalone speaker, especially because of the support for Bluetooth which facilitates you to pair it with a phone.

Since it’s more of a TV supplement, go for a proper speaker instead of a soundbar, if you are considering to purchase one to enjoy music in pastime. What I like best about this device is that it looks premium and stylish. Being a companion to a television, the Mi Soundbar suits well with the decor in a room and it make movies sound more fun. It’s without doubt an affordable upgrade that your TV might really be in the need of. It’s quite simply the slickest piece of implementation we have seen on a soundbar in a while. The only big issue with this device is the missing remote control.

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