/LAVA Z61 Review: A Nice Beginner with latest OS

LAVA Z61 Review: A Nice Beginner with latest OS

LAVA Z61 review

LAVA, the homegrown handset maker, has a new offering in the entry segment called the LAVA Z61. The smartphone boasts on some tried and tested features currently available in the market today, such as latest OS. Yet, we have to check this new smartphone from LAVA as how does it behave when put to test.


We have got the Gold variant of the phone and it looks beautiful with its golden back panel and the rim which runs around the phone. The new LAVA Z61 has a reasonable weight as well which allows you to use the device for long time. The phone has compact size and it fits perfectly in your hand with every corner of the screen within the reach of your fingers.  At the front side of the phone has the 5.45 inch screen and above the display lies the selfie camera and the front LED flash plus the notification LED as well. The rear panel of the phone is removable and you have to remove the back panel to fit the battery because the battery is removable in nature. After removing the panel you can sport the SIM slots and a dedicated slot for a microSD card to extend the internal storage. At the back side lies the rear camera and alongside lies the LED flash. The top of the phone has 3.5mm headphone jack and at the bottom of the phone lies the micro USB port. The power button and the volume rockers are lying at the right side of the phone while the left side is blank. The speakers of the phone are lying at the back side of the phone which is quite strange to see because most of the phones nowadays place the speakers at bottom of the phone so that when kept at rest the sound of the phone won’t get distorted. The phone has no fingerprint sensor or face recognition feature for security purpose.


The new LAVA Z61 issporting a 5.45 inch HD+ Full Screen Display. The display is neither too big nor too small and you can have comfortable experience of engaging in any act on the screen. The screen provides wide viewing angles which is mainly attributed to its 18:9 aspect ratiodisplay format. The display has adaptive brightness mode which adjusts itself with the brightness level of the available light. It has light Night Light mode which makes the display to look at and to read in dim light. The display is protected by Corning Gorila Glass which is making the screen immune to any minor fall or scratches.


The new LAVA Z61 has quite good camera power. The phone has an 8 Megapixel rear camera which delivers clear images during daylight but when you zoom in the quality might get distorted as you can easily spot graining effect but this can be overlooked because the LAVA Z61 will be a pleasing experience overall. The shots captured at night from the rear camera areokay with clear images and you can spot graining effect especially when the LED flash comes into play. The selfie camera is of 5 Megapixel and it does a decent job. The selfies captured are well clear and sharp during daylight and at night the quality seems to go down a bit. The front camera has a front LED flash which can attract the attention because it enables you to click selfies when the lighting conditions are not favorable and at present the selfie trend is all around so you better don’t want to restrict yourself with selfies captured at daytime only.


The new LAVA Z61 has the latest operating system which is Android 8.1 Oreo with Lite V1.0 Star OS version. The phone is offering 1GB RAM (Go Edition)which is enough to handle lighter applications but when it comes to big applications the phone does not perform efficiently. The phone could have supplemented 2GB of RAM and the lack of RAM size is clearly evident when you open any app like the camera application takes time to launch itself and when you try to switch between the rear and front camera the phone takes time to adjust to the command. One could enjoy normal games like Candy crush, Subway Surfer but, the continuous use does heat up the phone. The internal storage of the phone is of 16GB which can be used to store all the necessary apps and files. The internal storage can be expanded further with the help of microSD card.


The new LAVA Z61 has a removable battery of 3,000mAh. The battery for sure can last throughout the day of it is used moderately. The company has provided 1.5A fast charger with the phone to charge the phone quickly. While charging the phone does get heated up but after achieving an optimum percentage it tends to get cool.


The new LAVA Z61 is for the beginners. Do not expect it to take away your breath, instantly.Those who want an upgrade from feature phone can opt for it but, there are numerous viable options available in the market as well at around Rs 5,750. Yet, it has camera to satisfy the amateurs, latest OS, which is an advantage to it and a sustainable battery.

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