/KARA S5 Value for Money Smartphone

KARA S5 Value for Money Smartphone


Kara, the smartphone maker that derives its name from the Chairman of the company, Karan Thukral, has launched a new budget smartphone named as Kara S5. The smartphone is targeted for the Tier 2 and 3 buyers who cannot afford high priced smartphones due to the budget constraint. Priced at Rs 3,900, Kara S5 gives a good impression of the first sight. In this review we will be highlighting all the other features of the new Kara S5 and what all it has to offer to be able to stand out of the crowded smartphone market.


The new Kara S5 is a beautiful looking smartphone in the shades of Champagne gold. The body of the phone has curvy edges which are designed to provide easier grip. The phone has the selfie camera at the front side and going towards the end of display lies the physical home button with the fingerprint sensor embedded in it. To the right of the phone lies the volume rockers and the power knob. At the top of the device lies the 3.5mm headphone jack and at the bottom of the device the micro USB port. The rear side of the phone is sporting two camera sensors and LED flash. The speaker is placed at the rear side as well and the SIM slots and microSD card slot is located beneath the rear panel which when removed takes you the SIM slots and microSD card slot.


The new Kara S5 has a display size 12.7 cm which is 5 inch OHD LCD and has screen resolution of 720×1280 pixels which is quite good and the resolution size of the device gives you clear clarity while you watch anything to some extent but there are occasions when you will not get the HD feel from the display. The display is protected by 2.5D curved glass which shields your phone’s display and prevent any scratch or crack by sudden fall of the device. The display size will give you good gaming experience also as because the size is such which provides you wider viewing angles in a compact size.


The new Kara S5 has RAM size of 1GB which is not so powerful RAM and it cannot take multi tasking workload that effectively. The RAM size is disappointing and you can enjoy only limited games which might be compatible with such low RAM. The ROM size is also average with 8GB to offer which will allow you to store only limited applications and multimedia files. The storage can further be expanded with the help of microSD card. The new Kara S5 has quad-core processor which tries to ease the workload and helps to do multi tasking but on many occasions it fails to keep the device running smoothly. The device do get heated up while performing tasks or using various applications at the same time. The processor is average with the RAM size below what is to be expected from the smartphones of the present time. The new Kara S5 is running on the operating system of Android 6.0 Nougat which offers varieties of new updates but the RAM size of the phone might come into the way of updating every app so you need to be specific in terms of updating any application. In my personal opinion the processor and the RAM of the new Kara S5 are not impressive at all and might lead to the negligence of this new device in the smartphone market. For casual and general use like calling and listening music it is ok but you cannot ask more from the device.


The new Kara S5 in its camera section is offering two megapixel front camera and 5 megapixel rear camera. The front camera of 2 megapixel of the new Kara S5 allows you to take average selfies. The images taken from the front camera at day time are average not that much exciting. It manages to capture some good images when you are using it keeping yourself still without disturbing the phone but with little bit of movement the front camera loses its focus and takes time to adjust the frame. There are some filters and features attributed with the front camera. At night one might difficult to take a decent selfies as there is no front flash but the screen to some extent produces its own flash to allow you to manage to capture your face. The rear camera is of 5 megapixel which delivers good images at daytime and at night the LED flash allows you take decent quality of image. There are other features embedded in the camera to take images according to your accordance. Overall, the camera performance of Kara S5 is not something to be excited about.


The battery is of 2,200mAh which is removable in nature. If you stick to general uses then the battery can last throughout the day with some battery left but if you opt for playing games or indulging in some multimedia viewing activity then you might have to put it on charge to restore back some battery life. The charger provided helps to charge the device with good pace.


Kara S5 is not here to surprise you but gives an option to have a feeling of smartphone without worrying too much about the budget at Rs 3,900. The target audiences of Kara S5 will be satisfied with the smartphone performance. The Android 6.0 OS is a surprise package in Kara S5 along with attractive colour options, dual SIM and 4G VoLTE support.

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