/Jabra Elite Active 75t Review: For Mesmerising Sound, Comfort and Connectivity

Jabra Elite Active 75t Review: For Mesmerising Sound, Comfort and Connectivity

Jabra Elite Active 75t

There are very rare companies that remain solely dedicated to one cause for long. The Danish audio major, Jabra, is one of those companies which over time stuck to just one specialization which is in the audio equipment making. Previously we reviewed the Jabra Elite 75t which set a new bar and proved to be worthy of its price. In this review, we are going to talk about the updated version of Elite 75t which is Jabra Elite Active 75t.


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As the Elite 75t, the Elite Active 75 t shares the same appealing aesthetic and design. The case for charging looks almost the same as the one packed with the Elite 75t, but it sounds a little bit rougher. Despite not being a waterproof case, it offers ample protection to keep the buds protected when not in use. The magnetic lid locks securely, while the magnetic connections on the inside hold the buds locked shut, so when dropping the case, they don’t fall out. The buds fit very well in the ears and there was no instance of fall even while jogging and exercising as because the Elite Active 75t has one of the best on-ear stability and grip. The grip of the earbuds is strong due to the gel tips which enhance the grip by creating a nice and tight seal and the gel tips absorb the sweat to prevent slippage.  The case comes with a Type-C USB port.

IP57 rating

The Elite Active 75t is waterproof and can be submerged up to depths of one meter for 30 minutes. The waterproof capability of the Active model makes it superior to that of the previous Elite 75t. You can sweat as much as you want still the earbuds won’t be affected hence making them your perfect partner while exercising.


The Elite Active 75t most benefits from having two tactile buttons and on-ear tracking due to its tiny shape. Here, both control systems performed marginally better than on the Elite 75 t. Each button created a pleasant click sound that assured me of the execution of expected commands. The buds even reliably reported movement, removing the buds immediately paused the music, and bringing them back on the resumed action. The controls of the Elite Active 75t are the same as that of Elite 75t. The left bud can be used to enable/disable HearThrough mode, you can forward track by pressing two times, you can play the previous track by pressing three times, you can also lower volume by pressing long. You can use the right bud to play/pause music and respond / end calls, allow digital assistant, or increase sound.

Sound Quality

Jabra Elite Active 75t is one of the best sound quality earbuds out there in the price range under which it falls. The new Elite Active 75t has overcome the shortcoming of the previous Elite 75t like the overbearing while listening to songs. The bass level is very good and gives you a thrilling experience while listening to music. The earbuds do not have active noise cancellation but rather have passive noise cancellation which works fine. Each bud of Elite Active 75t has one mic in the front and one in the back to cancel ambient sounds from different angles.


On the Elite Active 75t, which has a ranking of 7.5 hours on a single charge, Jabra has boosted the power ratings. It’s the same as the 75t Elite and better than the Pro AirPods. We discovered that buds run-up to the 7-hour mark during battery life monitoring, a time that is still remarkable when taking into account intense music listening. The earbuds ran for about 4 to 5 days of exercising with full charge before putting them in the charging case. The earbud offers 28 hours of listening time  and the charging speed is also very rapid. The case has one remarkable feature which is the preserving power as I had the buds in there for 4-5 days without touching them and the battery levels were unchanged.


The Jabra Elite Active 75t uses Bluetooth 5.0 firmware that allows for a wireless range of 10 meters. The Elite Active 75 t also supports multipoint connectivity, meaning you can connect the headset to two devices at a time. The Elite Active 75 t recalls up to eight devices at a time, making it quick to turn between sources manually.

Jabra App

To get a better sound experience and connectivity you can download Jabra Sound+ App from the Play store. The app allows for customized sounds and calls. The built-in EQ remains the signature aspect of the app, which can be experimented with by listeners to build multiple sound profiles. A handful of music templates are available that belong to different genres as well which one can opt for according to their preference.  Jabra has its own clear HearThrough mode which opens the soundstage to hear what’s around you. For casual runners who want to be more aware of their surroundings, whether running through the day or at night, it’s a perfect option. Soundscapes is another special mode in the app, which has 12 exclusive settings that create relaxing noises to calm you. The other prominent feature to look out for is the Call feature as it optimizes call quality by increasing how loud and deep your voice sounds on calls.


The newly improved Jabra Elite Active 75t proves to be a worthy successor of 75t. The sound quality mesmerises as always with its perfect mix of treble, bass, and differentiation (noise cancellation). The battery backup proves it an asset too and so does its easy customisation. The buds fit properly unlike Pods and are comfortable to wear around for long hours. It does not cause strain and sweat which is normal in buds. The colour, Sienna, which I have got proves a deadly combination. The connectivity with the phone isn’t a problem either. I have used it on an iPhone and it never lets you down. These days we are flooded with earbuds in the TWS category but, there are masters who are matchless and Jabra is among them and this new offering from it, the Elite Active 75t, are for those who care for sound, fit, and customisation. It sells at around Rs 15,500 in India. If you’re looking for a TWS earbud, Jabra Elite Active 75t is highly recommended.

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