/iRocker Stix Review: A Rockstar in Budget

iRocker Stix Review: A Rockstar in Budget

iRocker Stix

Snokor by Infinix recently launched iRocker Stix TWS earbuds alongside Bass Drops wired earphones in India. The TWS earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 and an independent chip design that makes switching between single or double earphones seamless. Available in black and white colour variants, the Snokor iRocker Stix comes with a price tag of Rs 1,499. Let’s get into the detail of this product to understand how worthy this is for you.

Design and Comfort

iRocker Stix

The Snokor iRocker Stix earbuds weigh 4 gram each which make them ultra light, and come in a square-shaped tiny case having an LED indicator on the front and a Type-C quick charging port on the back. The charging case, which is made of good quality plastic, looks decent because of its slim size that makes it easy to slip into your pocket and handbags. Although the earbuds are ergonomically designed to sit perfectly in ears causing no irritation, they look a bit awkward owing to its unusual length. The 3-point-contact design that they feature doesn’t come to their rescue as the buds can easily slip out of your ears. They are good for light physical activities but definitely not for sports and endurance activities as you need to be careful so that they do not fall off. The 14.2mm dynamic drivers that the iRocker Stix features along with high quality neodymium magnet are definitely a plus point with this device.

Functionalities and Performance

Like any other TWS device, the iRocker Stix comes with ‘take out auto-connection feature’ which merely takes 2 seconds. It easily gets paired with your smartphone, thanks to Bluetooth v5.0 which offers an enhanced range and seamless connection even in a congested environment. As it’s the trend today, the earbuds come with the multi-functional button control that will allow you to click once for play/pause, twice for going to the next song, and thrice for returning to the previous song. Since it also supports Google and Siri voice assistants, the earbuds will allow you to control your phone using simple voice commands. You just need to press and hold either of the earbuds’ button for 2 seconds to activate the voice assistant. Meanwhile, for calling, you can click on either of the buds once to answer the call, press & hold to reject the call, if you are on the call already and click once again to end the call.

iRocker Stix

Since both the buds come with independent chip design, it makes switching between single or double earphone modes quite seamless. Like its predecessor i.e. Snokor iRocker, the all-new earbuds deliver an immersive sound experience with the powerful bass, thanks to its dynamic bass boost driver and high fidelity speakers. The iRocker Stix has a frequency range of 20Hz-20,000Hz which produces clear vocals in low, mid and high range frequencies.


iRocker Stix

The iRocker Stix is powered by a 40mAh battery in each earbud and the charging case has a 300mAh battery, offering a total playtime of 16 hours. The battery capacity, indeed, is enough for a day even if you use the device the entire day. The earbuds also come with a Type-C quick charge feature to replenish the batteries within a few minutes. The case gets fully charged in 1.5 hours via its USB Type-C port.


Although it looks a bit awkward owing to its abnormal length, iRocker Stix is lightweight and well-built. It instantly gets connected to your phone and is easy to operate. The audio quality is exceptionally good with a great bass and the battery life is enough for a day even if you are a regular user. What makes it even more appealing is the price that definitely is a head-turner. Go for it if you have budge constraint.

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