/Huawei Watch GT 2e Review: Sporty and Resilient Successor to GT

Huawei Watch GT 2e Review: Sporty and Resilient Successor to GT


Over the years the various smartphone companies have expanded their product range encompassing all the possibilities to have synchrony with the smartphones they produce. Huawei has successfully achieved that between the smartphones and the smartwatches they have. The trend of the smartwatch is gaining new heights in India and all brands are competing to achieve the top spot. We have seen the previously launched smartwatches from Huawei which were quite impressive, and in this review, we will be reviewing the recently launched Huawei Watch GT 2e.  In this review, we will be looking at how the new GT 2e is different from GT which we reviewed last.


The new Huawei Watch GT 2e comes with a size of 46mm and there is no smaller model. It looks quite bold on the hand and it’s extremely comfortable to wear plus the metal curvatures on top and bottom, complementing the rubber straps, adding to the aesthetics, and looking exactly in place when on hand. Rather than using buttons that resemble spinning crowns, Huawei has opted to go for simple ones. The watch holds more of a sporty look which looks quite good.

The watch has two function buttons on the right-hand side. The buttons are designed in such a way that they won’t get in your way while exercising. The top button opens the menu and the other one is a programmable button.


The watch carries a 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen that is feisty and sensitive, with a resolution of crisp 454 x 454 (326ppi). It’s vivid too, so even in intense sunshine; you won’t have any problems reading any notification on the Watch GT 2e. There’s also an option to always have a display if you don’t like blank screens but it puts a load on the stamina of the battery.


The Watch GT 2e uses the Kirin A1 chip made by Huawei for wearables with twice the RAM used on the original Watch GT 2. That means it comes with 4 GB rather than 2 GB. It uses Huawei’s LiteOS to run stuff on the tech side and leaves the UI basic so it’s easy to hold on. The OS is powerful and it improves the battery efficiency of the watch.


Swiping from the watch screen, left or right, would take you through simple details such as steps taken, calories burned, average heart rate, stress level, and temperature. You can adjust any of these to show your favorite stat screens. Swiping up from the main watch face will show you all your messages in a folder while swiping down will show you battery statistics and quick settings.

Like the Watch GT 2, the Watch GT 2e is without a built-in speaker or microphone. There is also no version 4G / LTE, which means you’re tied to your smartphone. The Bluetooth feature of the phone is of real help especially when you want to listen to music while exercising as you can pair your headphone with your watch and can enjoy almost over 500 songs.

There are 15 GPS-enabled modes available for monitoring activities like hiking, walking, swimming, climbing, and more. The watch will send you specifics of the road, speed, length, calories burned, heart rate zones, cadence, and specifics of altitude using these modes. There is almost a total of 100 exercise tracking features inbuilt which means you can track the progress of any type of exercise which you perform. The new GT 2e comes with numerous watch faces which you can customize according to your likes. In the Watch GT 2e Huawei provided a pulse oximeter for measuring blood oxygen levels. The SpO2 sensor does not run while sleep tracking is enabled-it is only available on the watch itself for on-demand readings. That does not mean that it can help you identify early symptoms of respiratory problems. The watch also sports Stress tracking feature which tracks the level of our stress which might not be too accurate but it is very handy.

One of the best features of the Huawei Watch GT 2e is its water resilient feature which allows you to wear the watch up to 50m deep into the water.

On the GT 2e, you can get mobile notifications and updates but they cannot be controlled. You can read them and then cast them out. To me, it is a good sign because it takes a lot of time to reply on a small screen with small initials.


Huawei Watch GT 2e carries 455mAh battery power which when we tested easily stood out throughout two weeks quite comfortably. The battery life seems to drain out comparatively fast when you use GPS feature all the time and when you play music but still you can get through a whole week with a single charge. The processor surely is a helping factor in increasing the efficiency of the watch.


The newly launched Huawei Watch GT 2e is a sporty yet resilient smartwatch having new features and new funky watch faces. The contour matches the environment outside and goes with everyday’s life race. The screen is bright, sensitive, and does not create a problem in the sun either. Notifications are easy to view. The straps are comfortable to wear even in Delhi’s hot and humid weather. Battery life is really great as we had seen in its predecessor, Watch GT. It easily lasts a week in a single charge. Available at Rs 11,990, Huawei Watch GT 2e is a good option for fitness and fashionistas.

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