/HiFuture NeckLace Review: A Perfect Choice for Bassheads

HiFuture NeckLace Review: A Perfect Choice for Bassheads

HiFuture NeckLace

Personal audio brand HiFuture recently launched Qualcomm-powered neckband style in-ear wireless earphones, called HiFuture NeckLace, in India. The NeckLace comes with some interesting features such as Ultra Bass Technology and CVC 8.0 Wind Noise Cancelling and has support for Bluetooth 5.0. The device is priced at Rs 2,999 and can be purchased via ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. Let’s find out how worthy it is with this review.


The HiFuture NeckLace looks good and has an ergonomic neckband design, made of 100 per cent Silicone. It easily fits into the ears giving you a comfortable feel. With a little push, it simply glides in the ear and fits in the ear cavity to have high precision harmonics and acoustic experience. The ends of the ear tips on this neckband have magnets that allow earphones to clock securely. They comfortably stay around your neck when not in use. The earphones come with three sets of earbuds to ensure the snuggest fit. It has built-in microphone and dedicated control buttons to wirelessly answer or reject calls. These buttons can also be used to control music playback. The earphones come with an IPX5 rating and are waterproof, sweat proof and dust proof.

Performance and Connectivity

The NeckLace comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip with Qualcomm audio technology and SBC and AAC hi-res transmission decoder for better sound reproduction, faster pairing and seamless connectivity up to 10 meters for a balanced and unfettered music experience. It uses 10 mm dynamic Neodymium magnet for immersive sound experience. It features the Environmental Noise Cancellation technology, thanks to Qualcomm CVC 8.0 that efficiently filters out background noise so communication remains crystal clear no matter which environment you are in.

This is a perfect device to have a truly immersive experience for calls as well as music for commuters, bike-riders, joggers and gym enthusiasts. These earbuds provide ultra-high performance for people who juggle with work and play on the move. The device is best suited for those who wish to own stylish yet comfortable earphones. The device uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms to find the optimum voice-to-noise ratio for perfect clarity. The neckband easily gets connected to smartphones, laptops and PCs. Overall, this device produces good bass and seems to be made for today’s millenials who enjoy music with high bass.


The neckband style earphone boasts a 140 lithium ion battery, which ensures 12 hours of music playback time/ talktime on a single charge that takes around one and a half hours. The NeckLace features a micro USB port for charging the device. The earphone stands tall in this department, as even after using it for 11 hours (including playback and talktime) on mid level volume, I didn’t experience any deterioration in sound.


The HiFuture NeckLace is a decent product in its price category. It’s high on ultra plus soft bass and gives you a natural, ergonomic fit for prolonged use. It’s something quite special for bassheads.

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