HARMAN Kardon Traveler Speaker: Sounds Good, Looks Great!

HARMAN Kardon Traveler Speaker

Samsung-owned HARMAN has been producing stuff, enticing the music fanatics all over the world. In its wide range of Bluetooth enabled speakers recently entered the HARMAN Traveler. Meant for on-the-go music steaming, which the name provides all the evidence, we got the little one for the review. Was it worth going gaga about? Read on!


The HARMAN Traveler is one portable speaker with premium feels to it. With a compact and sturdy design, the portable speaker (weighing just 300 grams) is easy to carry and is a good looking one. Rectangular in shape, the speaker has the speaker grilles spread all over the front portion. The top of the speaker (which has faux leather finish to it) houses the power on/off button, the Bluetooth button and the Call button to the left side while the volume up and down buttons lay to the right. In the middle indication LED lights are present. Additionally, on the left hand, sit the USB port, the AUX port as well as the Power port.

Overall, the Traveler is the speaker with good looks and design and totally excels in the looks department.

Technical specifications

Traveler Speaker

Going the technical route, the HARMAN Traveler has a frequency response rated at 180-20kHz, along with the rate power of 2x5W. With support for Bluetooth version 4.2, the speaker comes with a battery capacity rated at 2,500mAh which also doubles as a power bank to any device when connected via the Power button. Furthermore, the Traveler speaker comes with dimensions rated at 160mm x 27.5mm x 67mm and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


So, starting with the first step, the speaker was easy to connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth; all I required to do was tap the power button, then the Bluetooth button, followed by the other usual options to click on my smartphone, and Voila! My music adventure began.

I tested the speaker with almost all genres of music; I had Bollywood, EDM, Romantic, Soft, all in my playlist. And, I really enjoyed my time when the speaker was around. The output produced was pretty much sharp and was adequately loud. The music streaming was convenient and clear, and the bass and treble seemed balanced.

However, we also have a con; the speaker vibrated on scaled up volume and works better when in a closed room than its performance outside.

Apart from streaming music, the HARMAN Traveler has one more job to do; it doubles as a charger for the smartphones and it did that job fine too. Furthermore, it has dual inbuilt microphone apt for conference room calling when the Boss calls!


HARMAN Traveler is an amalgamation of luxury and decent performance. With luxury attached, comes the high price of Rs 9,990 and the HARMAN Traveler had mostly all of it to pay the price. However, it did appear overpriced. Yet again, if price is not a problem and the Traveler is what lures you, are can definitely go for it.

HARMAN Kardon Traveler Speaker

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