HARMAN JBL E35 Headphones: A Decent Pair


When it comes to audio accessory, Samsung-owned HARMAN is one company ruling the audio accessory world. To its never-ending range of products, HARMAN recently added the JBL E35 on-ear headphones, which I got to lay my hands for a short while. Here is what my impressions are about the headphones.


Out of the Black, Blue, Red and White colour variants available, I got the Black one for review and my first impression about it was decent. It is a decent-looking pair of on-ear headphones with a decent built. The headband is a ‘comfort-fit fabric’ one which has the ‘JBL’ logo on its head. The ear cups are foldable in nature and can rotate up to 90 degrees.

Each ear cup can be distinguished with ‘L’ (for left) and ‘R’ (for right) imprinted on it for ease of usage. The ear cups (with JBL logo on it) come with cushioning inside for a comfortable music streaming. However, the ear cups are small in size due to which they got stuck close to my ears, eventually making me uncomfortable after a while.

The on-ear headphones have a tangle-free cable (No Bluetooth peeps!) attached to it for you to connect to the device you are plugging in to. The cable has a single button on it which controls various actions such as receiving calls, and other music controls.

Overall, in the design department, the JBL E35 scores decent marks, and is a sleek and lightweight pair of headphones.

Tech Specs

The JBL E35 on-ear headphones come with a dynamic driver of 40mm and has a frequency range configured at 20Hz – 20kHz. The impedance is rated at 32 Ohms, and the headphones are compatible with a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, whichever medium suits you the best for music streaming.


The JBL E35 on-ear headphones are a very basic pair of headphones which requires you to connect to any device you are listening music onto via a cable. And this is where the first drawback appears; there isn’t any Bluetooth connectivity which makes the headphones a little obsolete.

Now that I finally overcame ‘No Bluetooth’, I connected the headphones to my smartphone and played all possible music genres to test it. And the Signature JBL Sound (which appears to be the USP of the audio accessory) did work fine and music streaming went pretty fine.

The bass and treble seemed balanced and the sound quality was decent too. Neither I could hear much of the outside world nor could the world hear much of what I was listening to.

However, another drawback follows; over a period of time, the headphones began to provide discomfort to me and I could feel little amount of heat in my ears. Additionally, the sound quality was better on medium-to-high volumes, than on a low one.

Furthermore, the calls could be answered with ease and there was not any difficulty as such!


The HARMAN JBL E35 on-ear headphones are decent ones, both design-wise and performance-wise. However, for a price tag of Rs 3,599 (originally Rs 3,999) and the ‘No Bluetooth’ fact, the pair is slightly pricey, given the fact we have many in the audio accessory arena, with Bluetooth and much lower price tag. If this doesn’t bother you much, you can definitely go for the pair, available via Amazon India and the HARMAN website.

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