/Google Pixel 2 XL: Mobile Of The Month (Premium)

Google Pixel 2 XL: Mobile Of The Month (Premium)

google pixel 2XL

Google Pixel 2 XL: Lightens Each Moment!

Mobile of the Month: Premium (INR 30K+)
Google Pixel 2 My Mobile
Google Pixel 2 XL

Google ended the year 2017 with two premium flagship devices; Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL, carrying forward its legacy of much appreciated Pixel smartphones. The ever-established fact in the markets has been,the Google Pixel has a great camera performance and guess what, they didn’t disappoint this time either. Both these smartphones have similar optical setup and give some brilliant shots throughout the conditions. Last we did review Google Pixel 2 and this time around we’ve the XL variant of the same. Most of the specifications remain the same except the bigger screen size and few adjustments at the back.

Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2 XL

The Google Pixel 2 XL performs like a beast, shots like a professional camera and runs as an athlete with very lesser battery drain. The design of Pixel 2 XL more or less remains the same as it was before with few adjustments. It will have to compete with Samsung S8, Note 8 and iPhone X as it’s being sold at around Rs 64,999 across online portals for the 64GB variant.




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