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google home
“Ok Google”, We Are Impressed!

The long wait of Google speakers to India is finally over with the launch of Google Home and Google Home Mini, wireless speakers with an intelligent personal assistant to let you feed input. Google is one of the most successful companies and has always provided new and innovated technology to make life easier and smarter. Today, there is no place where you cannot find the name of Google and this is all due to its wide range of products, be it in the form of hardware or software. Google Home was launched earlier in the United States some two years back and now finally it has entered the Indian technology market. We will be reviewing what new Google Home has to offer.


The new Google Home has a peculiar and has a catchy design to buy your attention. Google Home is made available in the white color variant to us. The speaker has a small body size to fit anywhere in your home. The fabric base of the speaker can be removed and you can find a micro USB port when it is removed and without the fabric base which is covering the sound path the speaker which still looks great with a solid black color. The top of Home slopes at an angle and hides a touch-sensitive panel that you can swipe gestures upon to change volume, play/ pause music, and activate Assistant’s listening mode. You’ll see colorful, very Google-kind of lights glow in the panel when Home hears its wake words “OK Google” or “Hey Google” it responds to the command. There is one physical button as well on the Google Home to enable or disable the voice commands.


The new Google Home needs to be connected via Wi-Fi setup using Google Home app which you can find in the Play store of any iOS or Android phones. The app then searches for the device to connect to and once discovered you can pick Wi-Fi network to join and connect your Google account. The setup mainly consists of Google Assistant recognizing your voice for future commands. The speaker goes into sleep mode and won’t take any command until you wake up the speaker by saying ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Google’.

The Google Assistant is designed in such a manner to catch the Indian accent of English words and can take commands comfortable without any issues. The Google Home can even translate any sentence or words in any language of the world allowing you to learn new words and different languages of various places. This capability of the Google Home is also very beneficial for Kids learning.

google home


To push out audio, the Google Home is equipped with a 2-inch driver and dual 2-inch passive radiators that add a considerable amount of bass for its size. Audio can be played through services like Google Play Music, Spotify, or Pandora, or you can connect a mobile device to the speaker via Bluetooth. After initial setup, Home doesn’t even require a phone for extended functionality. Google doesn’t force you to use or prioritize its services over others that you may be using. Sure, you can set the default option to Google Play Music or YouTube Music. You can stream music directly from your phone to Google Home from 100+ Chromecast enabled audio apps, or by using Bluetooth. One of the main reasons to buy a smart assistant is so that you can voice-control your smart devices. Google Home supports products from the major manufacturers, including Nest thermostats, Samsung SmartThings, and Philips Hue lights.


The sound quality of the Google Home is mesmerizing as well. It can enlighten any house party with ease. The bass offered by the Google home is amazing and the sound quality does not distort even when you turn up the full volume. The ability of the Home includes that it can hear your voice commands even when the music is playing loud and will respond to your query. Home can also send audio to a Chrome Cast connected speakers. Just say “Hey Google, play this on Chromecast Audio”. For multiroom playback, just say “Play my easy listening playlist on and it’ll play music from your chosen music provider through speakers connected to that Chromecast Audio group. You can group multiple Home speakers together and stream through all them at the same time.


Overall, the Google Home is a super smart technology based speaker which eases your tasks of feeding input to your speaker every time. The sound quality of the speaker is very fine as well plus it faces no issues while you give the command when it is playing any songs. The Google Assistant of the speaker gets you real-time answers to your questions, manages your day by giving you your daily news brief, setting up of alarms, adding items to your shopping list, telling you about your travel route etc. which is making the speaker always ready to help you. Google Home directly fits into competition with Amazon Echo, where both are being priced at Rs 9,999. Personally, I would expect both these tech companies to add Bluetooth as the connectivity option as it increases their use cases, portability and of course, more potential buyers as India still lags far behind in Wi-Fi connectivity per capita and an in-built battery. The Indian dialect isn’t a worry for Google Home to pick the voice commands and will soon be available in Hindi as well, the Google Assistant.

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