/Boult Audio Zigbuds Review: A Bundle of Surprise

Boult Audio Zigbuds Review: A Bundle of Surprise

Homegrown audio brand Boult has finally come of age, if we look at its product line – from wired earphones to wireless, in-ear to over-ear, and Bluetooth speakers to the hot-in-the-trend ‘true wireless stereo’ devices. The brand is exceptionally doing well in the TWS segment with a series of launches, earning rave reviews from different quarters. In line with the same, Boult Audio recently launched Zigbuds priced affordably at Rs 2,499 and is designed to offer an immersive sound experience along with long battery life. Supporting touch controls, the earbuds promise a punchy bass and dynamic sound. But, are these features enough for you to mull over this latest pair of earbuds? Let’s find out in detail.

Design and Comfort

The Boult Audio Zigbuds offers a minimalistic design, although it looks elegant and premium owing to the matte finish on the case, which is pill-shaped, having round edges that make it look like a charming pebble on the table. Even the earbuds sport a smooth design and finish. Like any other TWS earwear device, there are two separate components – a pair of buds and a charging case that also stores the former.

Beginning with the charging case, it has the brand’s logo and name written on the top. There are four LED indicators inside, which points to the battery percentage in the case. It houses a microUSB port at the back which is used for charging. Although it also comes in White-Grey and Red colour options, the one I am using is Black-Grey variant which apparently is less prone to oily fingerprints. In terms of colour combination, Black dominates the exterior of the Zigbuds, whereas Grey is the dominant colour inside. Having the Boult logo inscribed on the top, the earbuds are seated on a soft matte holder in Grey colour.

Now coming to earbuds, they are quite small and show off the Black and Grey colours combination. The earbuds also sport curved LED light strips which serve as indicators and glow from Red to Blue when the battery is low or when you are listening to music. The lights don’t go off when you have plugged the earphones. While it might be a fashion for some, others may find these lights bizarre.

In terms of comfort, the Zigbuds come with customizable in-ear tips that will offer you a snug fit. There are two extra pairs of silicone tips provided inside the box for different ear canal sizes. The earbuds are fairly lightweight and will not irritate you even if you wear them for long hours. You can put them on while walking, jogging, or gymming without any hassle.

Overall, it’s an intelligently-designed product that has been made without compromising convenience. In addition, this device comes with the IPX7 certification, which makes it splash-proof as well as sweat resistant.

Functionalities and Performance

Since they come with an auto-pairing feature, the earbuds connect to your smartphone (Android as well as iOS) as soon as you take them out of the charging case. Keeping up with the trend, the Boult Audio Zigbuds features multifunction touch controls that let you play/pause, change previous/next track and answer/hang-up calls. The touch-sensitive panel responds very accurately and is neither too fast nor too slow. The earbuds also come with voice assistant function that lets you access Siri/Google Assistant in just 2 seconds. They also sport an in-built mic and the call quality was really good. The audio is clear during calls. The earbuds can also be used separately after successful pairing, thanks to the Monopod feature.

The latest TWS offering from the house of Boult comes equipped with 10mm neodymium drivers. These earbuds offer a frequency response of 2402mhz-2480mhz and a connectivity range of 20 meters, which sometimes go a little beyond the standard radius if there’s no wall/obstacle in between the source and the device. While there is no dedicated ANC support, the earbuds block the surrounding noises effectively, kudos to the Passive Noise Cancelling and it happens mostly because of its in-ear tips which sit perfectly in your ears.

As for the sound quality, the earbuds put up an impressive show. They reproduce clear highs, solid mids and deep bass that are enough for an audiophile to enjoy the music. The overall sound stage is well balanced, as the bass doesn’t tend to weaken other frequencies. There’s no distortion even at high volume. You’ll be able to hear every note and instrument clearly. I find Zigbuds one of the best sounding earbuds in the given price bracket.


The earbuds offer a battery backup of nearly 4 hours. This is with a single charge and the backup capacity of the earbuds. The case also offers an additional charge which the company claims is around 18 hours (in total with the buds). Besides, the earbuds also offer standby time of up to 36 hours, which is not bad. The Boult Audio Zigbuds stands tall in this department.


The latest Boult offering boasts of an intelligent design with great comfort. It’s quite easy to use and packs a punch in terms of sound quality that will make you fall in love with this product. Similarly, it offers you a battery life that will never let you down. Taken as a whole, it’s a bundle of surprise at the given price.

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