/BalleBaazi App: Fantasy sports redefined

BalleBaazi App: Fantasy sports redefined


The BalleBaazi app was launched in January 2018 with the objective of enabling cricket/sports lovers in the country from all backgrounds to get closer to the game they love. It introduced new ticket sizes and formats that helped cater to a wider audience within the fantasy sports industry.

Downloading the app

It is very convenient to download the BalleBaazi app. One simply needs to visit www.BalleBaazi.com and select the download option. The app is available for both Android and iPhone devices. It has grown from 300,000 registered users in year 1 to 3 million registered users at the end of 2nd year.

Getting started


After selecting the download option on its website (www.BalleBaazi.com), one needs to enable permission on their phone to download and install the BalleBaazi app. The rest is streamlined and easy for use. For the first time users, they will be prompted to create their profile after they launch the app. Once signed up, users will be able to select from a global list of cricket and football matches and make their teams. Users can also select and make teams for Indian Kabaddi matches during the season. Once teams are made, players can choose from a plethora of leagues to participate in. Users can participate in multiple leagues, either with the same team or with multiple teams. There is a lot of flexibility for the same. Leagues have an entry fee for which users have to pay. This can be done by a number of globally recognized payment methods that make the process safe, fast and hassle-free.

USPs, specs and features

The BalleBaazi app provides leagues starting at just Rs 10 with prize pools of up to Rs 10 lakhs. The app includes new innovative league formats such as gadget leagues, jackpot leagues, free-entry leagues etc.

Bonus on deposit – The users of BalleBaazi app get bonus money which can be used in leagues, thereby saving their deposit amount for future matches.

The users can withdraw as little as Rs 10 through PayTM while using BalleBaazi aap. The users can create private leagues in which they can play with friends whenever they wish to.

Interface experience

The interface is based on globally accepted best practices and offers the users a smooth, fast and intuitive experience. First-time users will find the platform easy to navigate with information that is readily available. The app is also continually updated based on user feedback to provide an improved user journey.

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