RAEGR unveils Airtags Loop, Key Ring protective soft silicone and vegan leather cases for Apple AirTag 2021

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Homegrown lifestyle technology brand RAEGR has launched high-quality silicone and vegan soft leather protective cases, Airtags Loop and Airtags Key Ring for the Apple AirTag 2021. These loops and keyrings are made from environmental-friendly materials and tailored to keep your Apple AitTags safe and secure from dust and damage while ensuring premium looks and a genuine leather texture.

Ajesh George, MD, RAEGR, said, “Apple showed the world how to track and safeguard your precious possessions with the AirTag 2021. However, Apple’s products aren’t cheap; and to ensure those expensive tags from the Cupertino brand are kept safe, RAEGR has launched the Airtags Loop and Key Ring to protect it. Be it your bag, purse, keys, laptop or even your pet, the RAEGR’s Airtag Loop and Key Ring showcases premium looks and sports various colours to match your style.”

RAEGR’s Airtags Loop (silicone) and Key Ring Silicone (vegan leather) are simple, yet elegant protective cases for the Apple AirTag 2021. The protective cases are designed to enclose the entire device within soft and protective silicone and leather-like (faux) materials to use it on almost anything, anywhere. Attach it to your bag or add your keys, or simply attach it to your pet’s collar – the RAEGR Airtags Loop and Key Ring add a touch of class and extra protection to your expensive Apple AirTags.

The RAEGR Airtags Loop is made from soft silicone, while the Key Ring is made using environmental-friendly vegan leather, thus avoiding any animal cruelty. These are tastefully designed and carefully crafted from various eco-friendly materials to give it an elegant and premium appearance while comparable to genuine leather. Carved with care and using expert precision stitches, the RAEGR Airtags Key Ring is ready to step in to protect your Apple tags with style.

Thanks to the design and silicone/vegan leather materials, the loop and keyrings do not to block any Bluetooth signals from the Apple AirTag. Since the tags use BLE, the signals are usually weaker and need to be tagged in places with the least obstructions. The RAEGR Airtags Loop and Key Ring ensures the AirTag’s BLE connectivity is not affected in any way and the ring allows it to be easily attached to the exterior of your possessions. The case is highly durable and resistant to sweat, dirt, water and almost any known weather conditions.

Available in striking colours, the Key Ring will be seen in Black, Brown, Burgundy and Navy Blue, while the Loop will be seen in Black, White, Navy Blue, Orange and Yellow. The RAEGR Airtags Loop and Key Ring will be available on Amazon and Flipkart for a price of Rs 599 and Rs 799 respectively, including a standard industrial warranty of 1 year.

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