Puresight Systems slashes prices for iRobot products to serve more Indian customers

Puresight Systems, the official and exclusive distributor of iRobot products in India has revealed the latest selling prices for its iRobot premium vacuum and mopping devices in India. The move is to serve its expanded customer base and fulfil the increasing appetite for immersive premium automated cleaned households in the country.

Today, people are highly dependent on technology to ease their work and lifestyle. As of now everything is hybrid and is happening from home whether it’s work, education, or entertainment. With a hectic lifestyle and time-consuming household chores, demand for robotic vacuum and mopping cleaners among millennials is propelling to shed their cleaning workload.

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Understanding the facts and leading customers to experience a complete automated, immersive, and premium floor cleaning experience at affordable prices, Puresight systems has reduced iRobot premium vacuum and mopping robotic devices prices in India. The iRobot premium vacuum i7 series Roomba i7 and Roomba i7+ are now available at INR 44,900 and INR 59,900 respectively letting consumers save INR 15,000 each from the earlier selling cost. The prices of the Roomba i3 vacuum series, Roomba i3 and Roomba i3+ and Roomba 698 have also been reduced to INR 29,900, INR 44,900 and INR 18,900 respectively. IRobot’s automatic mopping robot’s Braava Jet M6 price is also reduced to INR 44,900 from INR 56,900 earlier selling price.

Product Old Retail Price New Retail Price
Roomba 698 Rs 23,900.00 Rs 18,900.00
Roomba i3158 Rs 39,900.00 Rs 29,900.00
Roomba i3558 Rs 59,900.00 Rs 44,900.00
Roomba i7158 Rs 59,900.00 Rs 44,900.00
Roomba i7558 Rs 74,900.00 Rs 59,900.00
Braava Jet M6138 Rs 56,900.00 Rs 44,900.00


Customers can avail iRobot premium vacuum and mopping devices at its new affordable pricing iRobot’s offline stores, other retail partners such as Croma and Reliance Digital stores, and online platforms such as iRobot’s official website (irobot.in), Amazon and Flipkart.

The Roomba i3 and i7 series are the mid and premium-range vacuums from iRobot in India that offer 3-staged cleaning efficiency with advanced features such as smart mapping, automatic dirt disposal, high-tech sensors, etc. The Roomba 698 comes with dual multi-surface brushes, adaptive navigation, and operates through voice-based commands with the support of Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Dirt-detect sensors eliminate the dirt even from the toughest places in a room. It is a must-have for the obsessive ones. Braava jet M6 works with vSLAM navigation learn the layout of any home and builds personal Smart Maps where users can selectively choose which room to clean. The vacuum and mop duo serves as the ideal ‘cleaning assistant’ for users who need far-reaching floor-cleaning assistance at their home with spotless finishing.

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