Organization De Scalene Foundation launches SHYCOZONE mobile application

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Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD) and Organisation De Scalene Foundation in association with the Miterr group launched the SHYCOZONE a  mobile application to locate SHYCOCAN devices that is a  protection device against viral particles of corona family.

Present on this occasion were Rajah Vijay Kumar, Chairman of Organisation De Scalene Foundation and Nishchay Miterr, Executive Director of Miterr Group (one of the licensed manufacturers of Scalene Cybernetics Limited)

The SHYCOZONE app is India’s first mobile application that shows the protected zones where SHYCOCAN devices are installed within a 100 kms radius. The users can select the category for e.g restaurant, gym, theatre, schools & college, hospital, mall, hotel, etc and the application will showcase the safe SHYCOZONES in that specific area.

The launch of SHYCOZONE embarks a step towards the Make in India initiative and the commitment, as the device is designed and created at the Organisation De Scalene Foundation based in Bengaluru. SHYCOCAN is the brainchild of Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, developed in 2018, much before the pandemic.

Rajah Vijay Kumar, Chairman of Organisation De Scalene said, “The coronavirus cases are soaring with each passing day and the only way ahead is to control the spread of virus. SHYCOCAN is the first ever virus attenuation device made in India for the planet. It’s a step towards an initiative to ensure that the device reaches each and every part of the world.”

SHYCOCAN attenuates up to 99.994% of viruses in enclosed spaces, giving a real time protection against infection (SHYCOCAN is scientifically evidenced to attenuate / neutralize 99.994% of viral particles on surfaces (MS2 Phage) and 100% in air (Avian Corona Virus)).

The Photon Mediated Electron Emission ejected from SHYCOCAN actively seek the positive sense of the virus and bond with the spike protein of the virus. SHYCOCAN device can be set up in offices, restaurants, hotels, malls, hospitals, classrooms, airports, gyms, factories and residences. It also provides sustained and long-term protection against the spread of similar virus infecting mechanism like Influenza, Avian flu, H1N1, Severe acute respiratory syndrome and more.

Nishchay Miterr, Executive Director of Miterr Group said, “Scalene SHYCOCAN is a safe, effective and an eco-friendly device which may eventually result in lowering the transmission of the coronavirus particles in a long run. We have already started the device installation at few restaurants and hospitals in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai. Our current capabilities are to be able to manufacture up to 1,50,000 devices per month, which can further be enhanced in a very short time frame to 2,50,000 devices per month, we will supply quality devices to other partners in the SHYCOCAN family.”

With the launch of SHYCOZONE Mobile Application, we want to convey the message that it is the first ever safe zone mobile app made in India for the protection against coronavirus, where SHYCOCAN is installed and used. The app will be available all over the world starting from India, US and Europe.

SHYCOCAN is now available in about 59 Countries world over. SHYCOCAN, SCALENE SHYCOCAN, CORONAGUARD Powered by SHYCOCAN, SHREIS SCALENE SHYCOCAN etc., are all based on the Scalene Hypercharged Corona Canon Technology using PMEE.

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