/Artificial Intelligence: Making camera phones smarter

Artificial Intelligence: Making camera phones smarter

Artificial Intelligence

In the modern times, several factors have simplified human’sway of living. Over the years, we can easily notice the improvements that have been brought to our lifestyle and it will only befair to say that technology has played a major part in most of these improvements. With every passing year, humans have grown into the habit of adapting to new and innovative technologies, mostly because it simplifies our lives and seamlessly fits into our daily routine. Imagining a world without our laptops, smartphones and televisions seems impossible- our professional and personal lives are dependent on them.To put it differently, technology for the longest time has been a solution to most of the problems faced by mankind.

Talking about solutions, these come in different shapes and forms and impact everything from how we travel, connect with friends in far off lands, track our health to how we click better, defined, natural and bright images with just a click! Yes, over the past few years, smartphones have come a long way from just being a mode of calling and connecting to now replacing DSLRs – all thanks to the innovative technology called Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is essentially the creation of systems that use advance analytic strategy, especially machine learning and deep learning to accomplish things that previous we thought only people could do. It now offers efficient solutions to everyday problems – from reminders, personalized experiences to tailored medical treatments, Artificial Intelligence promises to transform the way we live by smartly assisting us.

Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Coming to smartphones, with all the major technology companies talking about it, AI is one of the biggest trends seen in the technology landscape. Each and every brand that wishes to offer its consumers an innovative camera experience is investing in the Artificial Intelligence game. From big data learning companies to smartphones brands like Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, everyone is using the technology to disrupt the market. These smartphone makers along with their R&D teams are offering ArtificialIntelligence infusedsmartphonesthat can do next word prediction for typing, contextual language understanding in voice input, and more!The goal is to offer smartphones that captivate the audience and give power in their hands – power to do more with their smartphones. From imaging and photography, efficient battery usage to security to protect data, these phones have all these features to ease the life of the consumers.

A.I. redefining the camera experience

One of the most talked about application of Artificial Intelligence has been in smartphone cameras. Consumers are placing camera performance on the top of their list when looking at buying a smartphone. While previously consumers focussed mainly on the number of filters and megapixels of the smartphone, Artificial Intelligence is creating ripples in smartphone camera technology. AI is making it easy for us to click that picture-perfect selfie. It has now taken the role of the photographer, adjusting, putting appropriate filters and predictions as and when a picture is clicked. This means that anyone with an advanced Artificial Intelligence enabled smartphone camera can become a pro photographer with no skills, training or expensive equipment. The AI is entirely redefining the photography space.

Whether it’s about a selfie or an image you clicked while vacationing through the beautiful hills of India, Artificial Intelligence can identify facial features and automatically enhance them for a superior portrait. It does so by customizing or offering personalization for the user or subjects within an image. The smart technology enables the camera to recognize skin tone and type, gender and age of all subjects in the image, environment lighting, while referencing hundreds and thousands of global users photo database and learn from past selections, to optimize each selfie shot.Instead of sitting for long hours and manually updating the pictures, Artificial Intelligence uses your face features to improve the pictures

The future of Artificial Intelligence

With smartphone penetration and adoption increasing, the future of Artificial Intelligence looks bright more so with brands going big with investment in innovative technology.The unbelievable algorithms and sheer level of automatic software system that the technology is permitting can lead to a lot of changes in the smartphone industry. Amidst all the talks of high technology features that smartphones have today, it’s perhaps the smartphone AI feature that would make the biggest impact in our lives in the years to come.Soon it will become a standard in the smartphone space.

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