/5 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

5 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

2017 was a monumental year for businesses waiting to get on the digital marketing bandwagon. From online shopping to net banking to Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and chatbots, technology has smartly digitalized the ways in which any organization attracts and engages audiences. With so many emerging technologies in the market, digital marketers are becoming well aware of which platform and technology to leverage to get the most out of their marketing endeavours.

In this increasingly technology-driven industry, as we gaze at the New Year to see how to amplify our marketing strategies and alter our game with an eye on the ever-changing digital landscape, here’s a look at what will rule this segment in 2018. While the forthcoming year is poised to be a truly landmark one for all digital initiatives, let’s learn about the biggest trends that are expected to be at the forefront of creating traction for brands:

Foreseeing the future in voice search

Aren’t many of us already familiar with the concept of voice search since Apple launched Siri for iPhone users? Well, that concept is now the future as digital marketers and brands are now using it tremendously to ease the efforts for their audience in searching for anything on the internet. Voice search in the coming year will transform the way information and communication is processed. The rise in voice searches will enable digital marketers in creating SEO optimized high quality content for promoting their businesses.

Get the traffic on smartphones

It’s probably a gross understatement to say that the days of PCs and laptops are long gone. Consumer marketing in 2018 must focus on millennials as a valuable audience. Unlike other generations of consumers, this lot has grown up with the internet and smartphones. Speedy purchase of products and prompt customer service are often the only determiners of brand success when it comes to engaging a millennial audience. The snapchatters and instagrammers of the world are obsessed with their mobiles and yearn for authentic experiences on the devices they are forever connected to. Thus, businesses are required to focus on a millennial-first marketing strategy by optimizing the smartphone experience they offer. While mobile was already a hit this year and it will continue to grow, businesses optimizing their websites for mobile will be able to attract higher traffic, as well as unlock better sales and engagement opportunities in 2018.

Live videos

Live videos to be the content king

Live videos were already a rage in 2017with everyone from brands to individual users leveraging them to reach out to their target audiences and viewers. It’s not a surprise then that this trend is growing remarkably as everyone wants to watch a live Facebook or Instagram video rather than read a post or an online ad. This clearly indicates that live video content is the future. The real-time engagement that live videos enable make them essential for a brand to realise their power and focus on this increasingly popular medium in 2018 to engage with their target audience.


Tapping social channels like Facebook & Instagram for ads

Leading social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are ruling the digital media marketing game already. Nearly 800 million people are using Instagramevery month. Thanks to its recently introduced option of Instagram stories, its popularity has risen further giving Snapchat a solid run for its money. Facebook too has strengthened its ad functionality, beating platforms like Twitter. As a result, brands are foreseeing better engagement on these platforms through social media influencers to connect with their prospects.Given the performance that such targeted ads deliver, it is a good idea for businesses and brands to explore advertising on these platformsin 2018 as well.

Augmented reality incorporated through social media

Our mobile devices today have become extremely potent and all social media apps are getting integrated with AR with great felicity. For instance, by tracking a user’s location, brands can trigger sponsored AR content that can be accessed by them only in that specific region and time. Pokémon Go was the one to introduce this concept it’s not long before and Instagram and Facebook integrate this tech onto their platforms. Given all these advancements, 2018 will be the year of the 3As for AR , as this innovative technology becomes more acceptable, adaptable, and affordable for mass marketing.

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