Nvidia hackers now targeted Samsung! 19GB of Confidential Data leaked

The same organisation that attacked Nvidia last week is said to have hacked Samsung. According to a report, the hacker gang – named LAPSUS$ – published about 190 GB of sensitive data and code from a number of Samsung projects, including biometric data, source code for Samsung’s activation servers, and “complete source code for technologies used for authorising and authenticating Samsung accounts.”

Photos of C/C+ commands in Samsung software were also disclosed, and the data collected as a result of the leak was then shared on torrent sites.

Samsung is purportedly “assessing the problem,” but has not acknowledged whether a ransom demand has been received. At this point, it’s unknown whether consumer information has been compromised or not.

As per the reports, LAPSUS$ claims to have leaked “confidential source code from Qualcomm,” too, and “algorithms for all biometric unlock operations” as well. But the authenticity of these claims has not been confirmed; the South Korean giant consumer electronics company hasn’t responded to a request for comment.

LAPSUS$ also allegedly leaked source code linked to Nvidia’s DLSS technology, and after the business failed to answer to a ransom demand, the group attempted to offer a tool that it claimed could overcome cryptocurrency mining constraints on modern graphics cards for $1 million.

Last week, Nvidia was purportedly “totally infiltrated” by a cyber-attack. Nvidia’s internal services, including email and development tools, have been down since last week due to a criminal network intrusion.

Last year, Nvidia’s cloud gaming service GeForce Now was datamined and hacked, revealing a list of upcoming PC games, many of which have since been launched or confirmed.

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