WhatsApp to unleash new feature to help users distinguish fake and original news


To curb spread of fake news among the people in India, Facebook-owned global social messaging app, WhatsApp has started publishing advertisements in major newspapers highlighting the key social impacts.

A huge number of mass fighting and gibbeting happened in the nation for the past few month due to fake news circulation in WhatsApp. Even, the government of India has now ordered global social messaging app WhatsApp to restrain the escalation of exasperating statements and misinformation on its podium. The social messaging platform is massively alleged by the government for the rise social conflicts and mass mayhem in India.

India is the biggest market for WhatsApp with over 200 million daily users. To prevent this nightmare among the people, the company has commenced taking imperative actions to guarantee its dais is not utilized as an instrument to mobilise crowds. One of the important feature to unleash this week is distinguishes messages that have been forwarded.

WhatsApp will point out all the messages, which are not originally typed out, which will help people understand fake news. Moreover, it has also requested users to cross check facts several times when they are not sure who penned the original message.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said, “We have been testing a new label in India that highlights when a message has been forwarded versus composed by the sender. This could serve as an important signal for recipients to think twice before forwarding messages because it lets a user know if content they received was written by the person they know or a potential rumour from someone else.”

It added, “We are starting an education campaign in India on how to spot fake news and rumours. Our first step is placing newspaper advertisements in English and Hindi and several other languages. We will build on these efforts.”


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