/WhatsApp co-founder asks people to delete Facebook

WhatsApp co-founder asks people to delete Facebook


Following several reports of lack of privacy on the popular social media platform Facebook, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton now urges Facebook users to delete his or her accounts on the social media site.

The WhatsApp co-founder took to micro-blogging site Twitter to express what many feel. The tweet read, “Its time. #deletefacebook” following which the hashtag used in the tweet has been trending.

To recall, Brian Acton, who handed over WhatsApp to Facebook for around $22 billion back in 2014, is now the owner of Signal Foundation after investing $50 million in the venture much like Acton’s previous baby WhatsApp.

For those who don’t know, Facebook has been accused by a report by a political data analysis company Cambridge Analytica which suggests how the data analysis company used the social media platform for privacy intrusion of over 50 million users during the 2016 Presidential Elections in the US in order to tamper with the elections.

Additionally, following this, Facebook’s shares fell by around seven per cent. Facebook, via a blog post announced that it has hired Independent forensic auditors from Stroz Friedberg to investigate the claims made by the reports by Cambridge Analytica.


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