Users can now view and share Google Photo contents without app

Google Photos

Google has recently updated its Photos division that will now enable users to share media contents with family associates and other acquaintances who don’t have the app on their handsets. It appears with a all new UI showing a preview of the shared photos and the contents.

9to5Google first spotted this new change, which works even if the app is not available in the phone. For e.g. if someone share their content or images  through a phone number, then he/she will get the notification from “Google Photos preview” with the content sender’s name. Now, it must be noted that users still have the option to block the sender or view the content if they do not wish to view anything from that particular sender.

But, if you wish to view it again they can put the App Preview Messaging settings to disable it via an explainer prompt. The sharing preview will be viewed as a popup window by tapping “Got it”. Users will have the option there to “open app” or sack it. But, if any user who don’t’ have this app they will be directed or taken to Google Photos website to check or view the shared content.

The prompt at the bottom will then escort the user directly to Play Store to install the app. If it is already available in the handset, they will be taken directly into the app to view the images/contents they received.

This Valentine’s Day Google has also added a new feature by which users will be able to craft movies based on the photos in your Google Photos library using machine learning.

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