Uber launches Uber Lite in India with Language Support

uber lite app

Uber, the ride hailing app-based service provider, has launched Uber Lite in India. The lighter version of the already existing app reduces the app weight upto 5MB on the user’s phone thus reducing the storage and loading time depending upon the network.

Uber Lite is first launched in India and Uber will take it ahead in other parts of world post this launch. This app is designed to suit Indian user base as it now offers seven Indian language support to be more hyperlocal.

“Uber is targeting the older version of Android users and those who are still on the 2G network,” said Manik Gupta, Vice president and Head of Product for Uber. “The number is close to around 40 percent”, he said.

Uber ferries nearly 15 million rides in a day and close to 75 million riders per month.

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