/Twitter will soon let you follow topics

Twitter will soon let you follow topics


Twitter will soon allow its users to follow topics just like following the accounts. The company is testing this feature for Android users for now and will curate topics from user’s interest.

Twitter is also coming out with another feature that will let users to “mute” topics so that users don’t see the tweets all the time, and it’s exploring a way for you to create a separate timeline that includes certain accounts and topics you follow.

The microblogging site is planning to release the ability to follow topics globally by the end of the year, right now the company is trying to attract and retain new users. Twitter has been trying to take more risks with product changes. Earlier this year, Twitter released a prototype app so users could test new features such as adding color to replies, with the goal of making it easier to follow conversations.

Apart from these Twitter is also exploring other features such as a search tool for your direct messages and the ability to reorder photos after you attached them to a tweet.

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