Twitter adds new features to make news search easy

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Micro-blogging site Twitter has received a slew of new features which will allow users to stay up-to-date with ease.

Firstly, Twitter will soon introduce a new section in the Explore tab- the Topic tab which will let users know about the latest in News and Entertainment and the most relevant information to each user will display as well. The new feature will arrive in the coming months for Android and iOS users.

The Search section has been improved which will now display the related news, events, or stories to any particular search result at the top to get a better idea of a topic.



In addition to the sports-related tweets in the What’s Happening section, Twitter has breaking and personalized news-relates tweets as well for the users, to appear at the top of the timeline for Android and iOS users in the US soon.

Earlier, notifications were sent to keep the users updated about the latest news, and now Twitter will send out notifications about the users’ interests to keep him or her updated.

Additionally, the Moments section has been redesigned and now, instead of swiping horizontally to view Moments, users will now swipe vertically to view the section.

The new features will soon be available to the users.


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