/Talocity enables ‘Touchless HiRing’ for Yes Bank

Talocity enables ‘Touchless HiRing’ for Yes Bank

Yes Bank

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based HR platform Talocity has announced that it will provide its Touchless HiRing feature to Yes Bank that will enable the bank to further enhance their hiring process and HR operations, to attain high-quality talent.

The candidates are interviewed by an AI bot on a one-way video platform. Talocity’s machine learning and AI capabilities create personality reports, for each job applicant, that tells Yes Bank about the applicant’s relevancy to the job, the company said in a statement.

“Yes Bank continues to pioneer the use of digital solutions, one such digital application is our recent partnership with Talocity that develops a personality report using Video Analytics, AI and BOTS technology,” said Deodutta Kurane, Senior Group President – Human Capital Management, Yes Bank.

“This application enables scheduling face to face/telephonic interviews via AI and Robotics through the mobile app. Since the technology is very contemporary, it resonates with candidates and reinforces Yes Bank’s position as a Digitally advanced Bank. Our partnership with Talocity allows us to employ AI, Robotics and use of a flexible platform to reach out to candidates anywhere, at any time,” he added.

The AI platform makes the first level evaluation much more convenient and effective without human bias, especially in large volume hiring.

“The benefits of Touchless in hiring means that most of the recruitment related translations load will now be undertaken by Artificial Intelligence powered BOTs and the TOUCH will be retained by the recruitment teams across — salary negotiation, candidate experience and onboarding-WOW,” said Ketan Dewan, CEO and Co-Founder at Talocity.

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