Sony’s new action camera RXO launched in India with ZEISS Tessar lens and Capture One Express

Sony RXO

Sony has again expanded its range of action camera with the launch of new RXO edition in India, which will carry the price tag of Rs 64,990. According to the company, the RX0 is minimal in physical dimensions and design, yet tremendously ingenious and versatile in every sense.

It has a high technology for high-quality imaging inherited from the RX series is packed into the uniquely solid, rigid, compact body. Along with the Exmor RS CMOS sensor and BIONZ X image processor, this camera’s robust quality and unobtrusive, go-anywhere design ensure that you’ll be ready to shoot with more creative freedom at every opportunity. The improved stacked DRAM memory chip structure allows for unconventionally fast readout that enables superb performance in many respects including super slow motion.

Its rigid extra super duralumin body and ultra-compact dimensions make great shots easier to take all around. Yet, it can withstand much weight, impact and water; performing coolly and reliably during tough shoots.

Sony RXO

Users can now shoot high-quality super slow motion movies at high frame rates up to 960fps/1,000fps5 (40x normal frame rate). Also, the Super-speedy shutter (Conventional rolling shutter, RX0 anti-distortion shutter) reduces distortion in shots of fast-moving subjects.

The ZEISS Tessar T* 24 mm13 F4 lens delivers high-resolution images with less image distortion in peripheral areas, despite its wide-angle lens design. This ZEISS lens intensifies recordings’ contrast and sharpness.

The compact, simple, protrusion-free, rectangular body is advantageous in combination with optional accessories. Also, Upside-down Flip Capture flips the image the right way around when the camera has to be mounted upside-down according to certain setting requirements.The built-in Wi-Fi, multiple RX0 cameras17 can be remotely controlled using a smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth is also available and allows simultaneous remote power on/off operation.

Sony RXO

The super slow motion at frame rate of up to 960/1000 fps is available to capture split-seconds of action in movies. Shooting at 480/500 fps and 240/250 fps especially maintain fine images at nearly HD quality. For production flexibility, users can use Clean HDMI output to record uncompressed video to an external recorder in your choice of formats and bitrates, including non-compressed 4K movie, and monitor the footage.

Capture One Express (for Sony) is a free award-winning image editing software that provides high-end image quality RAW development, easy management of your image files, and powerful editing tools, is available in this action camera.  For movie shooting, people can choose MF (manual focus) or PF (preset focus) mode. If you select PF mode, the RX0 automatically focuses on a subject in a range beyond approx. 1 m. Also, while the RX0 is in PF mode, if you activate the “NEAR” focusing range, the camera automatically focuses on a nearby subject.


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