/Samsung working on foldable OLED displays for Google, Xiaomi and Oppo: Report

Samsung working on foldable OLED displays for Google, Xiaomi and Oppo: Report

Galaxy Fold

Samsung Display is apparently working on developing foldable OLED display panels for various companies. These panels will feature an in-folding design and will be shipped to Oppo, Xiaomi, and Google.

According to some media reports, smartphones from these aforementioned brands will be launching later this year. The report claims that the OLED panel for Oppo features a clamshell design, folding from top to bottom. This display has a size of 7.7 inch unfolded, while the outer display will have a size between 1.5 to 2 inches. Notably, this is larger than the 6.7 inch foldable OLED used on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which launched back in 2020.

As per the report, last year, the Chinese tech giant had unveiled an out folding 7.7 inch foldable screen prototype, which was sourced and developed in partnership with Samsung Display, BOE, and Visionox. But now, it seems like the South Korean firm is its sole supplier. Similarly, Xiaomi is also switching to an in folding design as it is reportedly aiming to launch a foldable smartphone with an 8.03 inch display. Meanwhile, its outer screen will have a size of 6.38 inch, which is being developed by Samsung Display and CSOT.

Meanwhile, Google has also requested the company to develop a foldable OLED panel with a size of around 7.6 inches. In recent times, in folding screens have become more common than out folding panels. This is primarily due to it being easier to secure the curvature needed for the panel to fold with the out folding method. Thanks to the brand’s experience with these types of display, it isn’t surprising that various companies are reaching out to it for foldable panels.

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