Samsung to kickstart its biggest handset unit in Noida on Monday

Samsung India

The nation is about to witness the biggest ever Make in India scheme with Samsung commencing a massive electronics factory in Noida in Utter Pradesh. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and visiting South Korea President Moon Jae-in will inaugurate the expanded factory, which seems to be globe’s biggest handset making factory in terms of volume of the products unlashed every month.

According to a report from Times of India, the South Korean tech giant makes 67 million smartphones in India and with the new plant, it is expected to manufacture nearly 120 million.

A Samsung spokesperson said, “The new unit has come up on an additional 35 acres adjacent  to the current facility. It will double the production capacity of both mobile phones and refrigerators.”

Samsung is said to have invested Rs 4,915 crore for expanding the unit from where it would manufacture devices to the Indian market but also export phones to Europe, West Asia and Africa. Samsung officials stated that Samsung will assemble parts sourced from its other plants.

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