/Orange Plus introduces ultra slim Back Lit Panel Lights

Orange Plus introduces ultra slim Back Lit Panel Lights

Orange Plus

Orange Plus, India’s growing LED brand announces its newest addition in the LED portfolio with the introduction of ‘Back Lit Panel Lights’. It’s time to add a touch of luxury with high efficacy working light with the eco-friendly LED panels.

The ultra slim panels are not only energy efficient but also low on cost and maintenance. The design makes it suited for both high and low ceilings. Easy to install, the product with back light high performance is transparent with zero flicker, low light glare and even light output, an ideal new generation LED product.

With a great combination of luxury and functionality, the Panel lights consumes 36W power & enables even distribution of light with a beam angle of 110 degrees.

Designed exclusively for the Offices, Arenas, showrooms and Art Galleries the lights, are compliant to formal set ups, adding a touch of elegance to every room.

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