Opera launches brand new mobile browser Opera Touch

opera touch

Opera, the underrated web browser has now launched its brand new mobile browser, dubbed as Opera Touch. They  have designed it to be used on the move and with just one hand. It also makes the mobile and desktop web browsing experiences into one with a feature we’ve named Flow.

Opera Touch is for busy people who do other things while also using their phones

According to research the Opera team has conducted on a large group of U.S. smartphone users, 86 percent of them prefer to hold their smartphones with one hand while also doing other stuff, such as eating, commuting, walking or shopping. Well, while you will probably agree that that’s the way you use your phone, the problem they discovered in conventional mobile browsers was that they typically require people to use both hands to type in a query or a web address. That’s uncomfortable.

The company then created Opera Touch with this large crowd of people in mind – ones who even sometimes drop their phones browsing because they can’t reach all the way to the top of the screen. Ok, we used to be those people, too. That’s what got us started on this project.

So what is different in Opera Touch?

First of all, they  have worked on browser navigation and designed it to be used with just one hand, which gives you a more comfortable experience while browsing the web. How did we do it? Well, we actually moved the browser’s key functions within your thumb’s reach. This means that, unlike in most other browsers, you can now more easily browse and search the web when on the move. Just imagine: you can keep eating your ice cream, or a slice of pizza or walking your dog while getting the full web browsing experience in your other hand.

Instantly ready to search

The first thing you will notice in Opera Touch is that the browser starts in search mode and is instantly ready to find things for you on the web. The keyboard is up and the address bar cursor is blinking. With Opera Touch, you don’t have to make any additional moves or taps before you can start searching. That’s because we know you usually want to quickly find something online and move on with your life, or that your other hand might be holding that ice cream. That’s why we’ve reduced the number of steps before you can start your search to zero.

Flow: mobile and desktop web become one

Do you ever find yourself e-mailing or messaging yourself or your loved ones just to save a link for later reference? Well, you’re not alone. According to the survey we already quoted earlier, 65 percent of users end up doing just that – even if they just wanted to save the link for themselves.

But why do they do it? Because syncing is often too problematic and takes as many as 13 steps to set up.

Well, with Opera Touch, this will no longer be your problem. We’ve actually invented a life hack for you to keep your images, links and videos that you just want to safely share with yourself. We’ve called this feature Flow and the good part it is it only takes one step to set it up and establish a connection between your mobile and PC browser.

Encrypted stream of things that you share with yourself

This one step, which consists of scanning a QR code displayed in the Opera computer browser with Opera Touch, establishes a Flow, our innovative way of allowing you to share links, images, videos or notes with yourself. Flow is available both in Opera Touch and in the updated version of the Opera PC browser. And the good news? It doesn’t require any logins or passwords. At the same time, it’s end-to-end encrypted and safe.

So now, whenever you add an item, such as a scan of medical results or a website with top restaurants to check out, to Flow on one device, the other one instantly sees it. The other cool part is that, to use Flow, you don’t need to own devices from the same manufacturer.

(via Opera official blog)

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