/Narendra Modi to win General Elections 2019, predicts StarsTell.com

Narendra Modi to win General Elections 2019, predicts StarsTell.com

Vivek Dhir, StarsTell.com

To discuss and predict the upcoming Lok Sabha 2019 elections and its impact on the Future of India, StarsTell.com organized its first and one of its kind annual flagship summit, that was inaugurated by S. Milkha Singh, wellness icon and a Padma Sri awardee at StarsTell Awards 2019 held at India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.

A serious political analysis using numerology, tarot and planetary movements was conducted by the panelists. The unanimous conclusion was that that PM Modi was a winner. His horoscope is very magnetic and powerful and his personality has oval aura, which symbolizes his organized, calculated and result oriented approach to politics.

Modi currently has dark blue aura which the aura expert predicted would transform into purple, destined to propel his rise. Rahul Gandhi’s number 19 is lucky according to numerology, and he has a rectangular orange aura which should ideally become pink in order for him to attain political success. It was suggested that, Modi government will be cobbling together a coalition government.

Vivek Dhir, Founder and CEO, StarsTell.com said, “In India vedic astrology has deep roots and with the changing era, the innovation of technology has the power to open up new avenues. It is our team’s effort to showcase a perspective on the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections and its glimpse and its impact on the future. It is also unique platform to felicitate practitioners of predictive sciences and wellness therapies. This innovative combination of technology and astrology opens a new avenue for the ancient vedic sciences that brings together the new age astrologers, tarot card readers, numerologists, aura readers and holistic healing practitioners to connect with their users.”

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