/These Mobile Apps and technology, Women can use to stay safe

These Mobile Apps and technology, Women can use to stay safe

While Government bodies and law agencies aim to improve vigilance, there are technology players alongside who are also coming up with mobile applications and wearable devices that can ensure women safety. While women safety should not be highlighted only on The International Women’s Day, this Women’s Day let’s take a pledge to create an environment where women in our country feel a lot more safe and confident while travelling on roads.

Timex Blink

Timex Blink

Timex Blink is a smart beauty designed to help working woman with busy schedule keep a track of their fitness without compromising on their style quotient as it combines signature elements of a contemporary traditional watch with sophisticated modern technology. It is an activity tracker which uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your phone and track all day activity – steps, distance, calories, sleep and gives the battery back-up of 10 days. The USP of the watch is the ability to send instant mail, SMS and save emergency contacts with the user’s GPS Location in case of an emergency. It is an activity tracker which combines signature elements of a contemporary traditional watch with sophisticated modern technology for tracking your daily activities.

Shared Mobility



Shuttl, a smart bus-based mobility solution which is built to take the pain away from your daily commute and reduce congestion, Shuttl stands to be one of the best solution for women travelling to work as this feature is not only a safe and reliable option but also an affordable way to commute in the Delhi-NCR region. Shuttl’s SAFE solution includes several features, like face recognition software, GPS tracked and geo-fenced routes, the Shuttl buses are equipped with a physical and app-based SOS and panic button and unlike other shared mobility platforms, Shuttl’s Home Check feature initiates a confirmation call that ensures if the passenger has safely reached their destination. What would be a better way of commuting for working women than this!

Uber Logo


Uber, one of the world’s largest on demand ride sharing company is considered as one of the best. A technology like Uber provide a good opportunity to improve safety of women riders and women driver partners in new and innovative ways—before, during and after every ride. There an easily accessible in-app panic button in Uber, which is referred to as the ‘Emergency Button’ that one can activate with a single tap. The emergency button, helps riders connect directly to the police control room (by prompting riders to dial 100) and alert the internal response team at Uber. Now with the Bondhu App integration the option to download the app and connect to law enforcement directly has also been added.

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