After Malaysian CEO, a father and daughter in Tamil Nadu died in another digital tragedy

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In a yet another digital tragedy, a 60-year old daughter and his beloved 90-year old father were killed when their smartphone charger exploded suddenly. Reports from Tambaram police station surfaced during investigation that both the father and daughter had purchased a second hand handset from a nearby local market.

The victims, Habib Mohammed (90) and daughter Muharumisha (60) went off to sleep after plugging their phone in charging. At the same time, a mosquito was lit up, which was initially blamed for the root cause of the calamity. But, later investigations revealed that the mosquito coil had nothing to do with the incident.

A week back, Nazrin Hassan, CEO of Malaysian venture capital firm Cradle Fund died of deep injuries inside his head when his two smartphones exploded during his sleep. In the beginning, smoke inhalation was believed to be the major cause of the incident, but further investigations by authorities stated that Hassan died of “complication of blast injuries attributable to an exploding hand phone.” It’s not currently clear what type of phone was involved.

The daughter gave her statement when her father passed away in the morning. After the statement was provided the daughter also succumbed to injuries and died immediately.

The official statement of Tambaram police station revealed that during the explosion of the smartphone charger the fire was increased. The police team is further securitizing the matter in details. People are now warned the police department about the hazards and impacts of overcharging the smartphone.

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