LG patents case for foldable screen smartphones: Report

LG foldable smartphones

Known for its many first in the smartphone industry including the first flip cover case with a quick window, this year LG is trying to provide an alternative to foldable phones.

According to a report by Android Central, LG has filed a patent for a smartphone case that packs a large flexible display. The case will reportedly give a phone the properties of a foldable device just by strapping it on. This unique case will offer users a screen size that is up to three times larger. While OEMs are in the race to bring foldable phones to the market, LG is taking a different route. Even with the LG G8X ThinQ, the company introduced a detachable dual screen to offer more screen space to buyers.

According to the report, the new patent by the company is filed with the Hague International Design System and with the WIPO Global Design Database. The title of the patent is ‘case for mobile phones’ and images in the listing show a smartphone case with a flexible display.

Some of the leaked photos show that the case can be attached via a small flap on the side, and attaching it will allow you to have two displays – one that is the regular screen of the phone, and the other one is the case’s display. However, you can also put the case next to the phone’s screen allowing you to make the display area three times bigger – one regular screen, and the full display case area. This smartphone case can easily be wrapped around the phone when not in use, to protect the displays.

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