/IBM to display world’s smallest computer of 1mm x 1mm size

IBM to display world’s smallest computer of 1mm x 1mm size

At the upcoming IBM Think 2018 conference, the company is expected to unveil globe’s smallest computer, which would be about 1mm x 1mm size, in fact smaller than grain of fancy salt.

This week, the conference will begin with “5 in 5,” that is an assortment of IBM Research inventions and technologies “that could change our lives in the next five years,” claims IBM. At the conference, IBM will speak about the future AI, blockchain, and quantum computing and how it can shape the technology in an enhanced way.

The computer is speculated to be priced 10 percent lesser than manufacturing. The predecessor was the Michigan Micro Mote launched in 2015 and it was about 2mm size.



Coming to specifications, the upcoming IBM smallest computer would feature SRAM memory, a photo-voltaic cell for power and would be backed by a chipset coupled with “several hundred thousand” transistors. In addition, the computer also includes a communications unit, which utilizes an LED and a photo-detector to communicate the outer world.

According to IBM, the computer is furnished with the power of an x86 SoC from the 90’s, which will now have the ample potential to operate the original Doom because the original README.TXT requires a minimum of 4GB RAM and 386 chipset.

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